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Q. sarnië n. “shingle, pebble bank” (Category: Rock, Stone)

Q. sarnië, n. “shingle, pebble bank” (Category: Rock, Stone)
ᴱQ. arac “shingle, piles of stones”
ᴱQ. aractë “(stony) beach”
ᴱQ. soraxa “shingle”

A noun for a “shingle, pebble bank” in The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor from the late 1960s from primitive ✶sarniye, also the basis for the river name S. Serni (VT42/11). It is clearly an abstract noun formation based on Q. sar (sarn-) “(small) stone”. Here the gloss “shingle” is used in the sense of a mass of smell pebbles rather than as a roofing tile.

References ✧ UTI/Serni; VT42/11



#sar “stone (small)”
-ië¹ “abstract noun, adverb”



Phonetic Developments

sarniye > sarnie [sarnije] > [sarnie] ✧ VT42/11