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Q. niqu- v. (u-verb) “to be chill, cold, freeze (of weather), snow” (Category: to Freeze)

Q. niqu-, v. (u-verb) “to be chill, cold, freeze (of weather), ⚠️snow” (Category: to Freeze)

A verb in the Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60 glossed “be chill, cold (of weather)” (WJ/417). It also appeared in some etymological notes from around 1959 as a derivative of the root √NIK(W) and with the glosses “to snow, it is chill, it freezes” (PE17/168). In this 1959 note Tolkien gave several inflected forms making it clear nicu- was an impersonal verb: nīqua “it is freezing”, nicune “it snowed, froze”.

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I’d mostly use nicu- as an impersonal verb for cold weather: nique “it is cold, it is freezing”. For the freezing of water or similar substances, I’d use ᴺQ. hel-. For “to snow” I’d use ᴺQ. hris-, a modernization of archaic †hriz-.

References ✧ PE17/168; WJ/417





nique aorist “it is cold, it freezes” ✧ WJ/417
nĭque aorist “it snows or freezes” ✧ PE17/168: 3[rd] sg.
nicune past “it snowed, froze” ✧ PE17/168
nīqua present “it is freezing” ✧ PE17/168


Phonetic Developments

NIK > niku- [nikw-] ✧ PE17/168