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ᴹQ. filet (filek-) n. “cobweb” (Category: Spider)

⚠️ᴹQ. filet (filec-), n. “cobweb” (Category: Spider)
ᴹQ. línë “cobweb; [ᴱQ.] cotton, ⚠️thread”

A word in in the Declension of Nouns of the early 1930s glossed {“fern” >>} “cobweb” (PE21/33 and note #3). Its initial gloss was probably a later iteration of ᴱQ. filqe “fern” from the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s (QL/38), and in later writings filit (filik-) was a word for “small bird, sparrow” (Ety/PHILIK; PE21/56), so this was likely a transient form.

References ✧ PE21/33, 35






filekullo ablative ✧ PE21/35
filetyo ablative; assimilated ✧ PE21/35
fileka accusative ✧ PE21/35
filiki accusative plural ✧ PE21/35
filehta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/35
filekunta allative ✧ PE21/35
filihta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/35
filikintan allative plural ✧ PE21/35
fileken dative ✧ PE21/35
filiken dative plural ✧ PE21/35
fileko genitive ✧ PE21/35
filikion genitive plural ✧ PE21/35
[fil]ekanen instrumental ✧ PE21/35
fileqen instrumental ✧ PE21/35
filinken instrumental ✧ PE21/35
filikínen instrumental plural; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/35
filekesse locative ✧ PE21/35
filekse locative; assimilated ✧ PE21/35
filikse locative; assimilated ✧ PE21/35
filet nominative ✧ PE21/35
filekunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/35
filikin nominative plural ✧ PE21/35
filikíta partitive-plural; prosodic-lengthening ✧ PE21/35
filitya possessive ✧ PE21/35
filekundon similative ✧ PE21/35
filikson similative ✧ PE21/35
[fil]ek stem ✧ PE21/33