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ᴱQ. sahta-² v. “to split” (Category: to Split)

A verb appearing as ᴱQ. sahta- “to split” in Early Qenya Phonology of the 1920s derived from primitive ᴱ✶stak+ta- (PE14/66).

Neo-Quenya: Since the root ᴹ√STAK “split, insert” survives in Tolkien’s later writings, I think ᴺQ. sahta- “to split” can be retained for purposes of Neo-Quenya. It does conflicted with the later verb Q. sahta- “induce” from the 1950s, but I think the two can coexist.

Reference ✧ PE14/66 ✧ sahta “to split”


Phonetic Developments

ᴱ✶stak+ta > sahta [stakta-] > [θakta-] > [sakta-] > [saxta-] ✧ PE14/66