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ᴱQ. saike (saiki-) n. “hunger” (Category: Hunger)

A noun appearing as ᴱQ. saike (saiki-) “hunger” in the Qenya Lexicon under the early root ᴱ√SAẎA (QL/82). In Early Noldorin Word-lists of the 1920s, the Qenya word for “hunger” was instead saiste (PE13/147).

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya I would retain the noun ᴺQ. saicë “hunger” based on a Neo-Root ᴺ√SAYAK, but only as an archaic word so I could justify the retention of various famine-related words like ᴺQ. saicelë. For normal speech I would assume ᴺQ. maitië is the ordinary word for “hunger”, a noun form of the adjective Q. maita “hungry” from around 1960.

References ✧ PE13/147; QL/82




saiki- stem ✧ QL/82

Element In



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√SAẎA > saike [saθʲki] > [saθʲke] > [saðʲke] > [sajke] > [saike] ✧ QL/82