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Q. ontalë n. “descent” (Category: Descendant)

Q. ontalë, n. “descent, *derivation, ancestry” (Category: Descendant)

A word for “descent” appearing on the title page of both the first and second versions Tengwesta Qenderinwa (from the 1930s and around 1950, respectively) as an element in the phrase Lambion Ontale “Descent of Tongues” (PE18/23, 71). It is an abstract noun form of Q. onta- “beget”. As such, it is likely refers to both linguistic derivation as well as the ancestry of living families as well.

References ✧ PE18/8, 71



onta- “to beget”
-lë “abstract noun, adverb”

ᴹQ. ontale n. “descent” (Category: Descendant)

See Q. ontalë for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE18/23 ✧ Ontale “descent”


onta- “to beget, create”
-le “abstract noun”