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ᴱQ. karp- v. “to pluck” (Category: Naked, Bare)

⚠️ᴱQ. carp-, v. “to pluck” (Category: Naked, Bare)

A verb in the Early Qenya Grammar of the 1920s with present form karpe and past form karpie, derived from primitive ᴱ✶kṛp- “to pluck” (PE14/58), clearly related to the early root ᴱ√KᴬRPᴬR [KṚPṚ] from the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s (QL/45). This verb appeared unglossed with various inflected forms in a document on Qenya Verb Forms, probably from the 1910s (PE14/34). A Qenya form karp- appeared in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s, but it is unclear whether this was a verb or just a representation of Qenya derivatives of the root (GL/27).

References ✧ GL/27; PE14/34, 58




karpa aorist   ✧ PE14/34
karpat aorist dual   ✧ PE14/34
karpit aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/34
karpon aorist dual masc   ✧ PE14/34
karput aorist dual masc   ✧ PE14/34
karpan aorist dual neut   ✧ PE14/34
karpe aorist fem   ✧ PE14/34
karpo aorist masc   ✧ PE14/34
karpa aorist neut   ✧ PE14/34
karpar aorist plural   ✧ PE14/34
karpir aorist plural fem   ✧ PE14/34
karpoi aorist plural masc   ✧ PE14/34
karpai aorist plural neut   ✧ PE14/34
karpuva future   ✧ PE14/34
karpie past   ✧ PE14/58
karpe present “pluck” ✧ PE14/58



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ✶kṛp- > karpie [kṝpie] > [karpie] ✧ PE14/58
ᴱ✶kṛp- > karpe [kṛp-] > [karp-] ✧ PE14/58