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Q. nolya [ñ-] adj. “dark-haired” (Category: Hair (other))

Q. nolya [ñ-], adj. “dark-haired, *brown-haired” (Category: Hair (other))

A word for “dark-haired”, part of a paradigm in which the Elvish tribe names were derived from their predominant hair color, in notes perhaps from around 1959-60:

√ÑGOL = dark-hued, dark-brown. OQ ñolda, dark-haired; but after special association with Clan, this was not much used; the colour word taking form ñolya (cf. vanya [= blonde > Vanyar]). The predominant colour of Noldorin hair was very dark brown; no Elf had absolute black hair (PE17/125).

In earlier iterations of this concept, Tolkien instead had Q. {losca, loksa “brown of hair” >> hrúva >>} hróva “dark, dark brown (of hair)”, but Tolkien then added ñolda as an alternative before marking the entire note as rejected (PE17/154-155).

Neo-Quenya: In this paradigm, Tolkien (temporarily) rejected the notion that √ÑGOL referred to wisdom, but this meaning was restored later (e.g. on PM/340 from 1968). However, I still think nolya might be used for “brown-haired” by way of a reversal of the association, where it referred to hair like the Noldor rather than being the basis of the tribe name.

Reference ✧ PE17/125 ✧ ñolya “dark-haired”



Phonetic Developments

ÑGOL > ñolya [ŋgolja] > [ŋolja] > [nolja] ✧ PE17/125

Q. hróva¹ adj. “dark, dark brown (of hair)” (Category: Hair (other))

See Q. nolya for discussion.

References ✧ PE17/154-155




Q. loxa adj. “brown of hair” (Category: Hair (other))

See Q. nolya for discussion.

References ✧ PE17/155