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ᴹQ. kakarra- v. (weak-verb) “to keep on doing” (Category: to Do, Make)

ᴹQ. cacarra-, v. (weak-verb) “to keep on doing, *continue” (Category: to Do, Make)
ᴺQ. !cacar- “to continue, *keep on doing”

A frequentative form of kar- “do, make” glossed “keep on doing”, appearing in the Quenya Verbal System of the 1940s using the frequentative patterns described in that document (PE22/100, 109).

Neo-Quenya: Tolkien used different patterns in his later writings: see the entry on the Quenya frequentative for details. However, I think the old patterns can coexist with the new ones, and I would retain this verb for purposes of Neo-Quenya. I think cacarra- can also mean “*to continue”.

References ✧ PE22/100, 109




kakarra aorist ✧ PE22/109
kakarruva future ✧ PE22/109
kararruva future ✧ PE22/100
kakarrane past ✧ PE22/100; PE22/109


kar- “to do, make, build” frequentative