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Q. -carë suf. “action, doing, making” (Category: Action)

Q. -carë, suf. “action, doing, making” (Category: Action)

An element meaning “action, doing, making” attested in words like lacarë “not-doing, inaction” (PE22/154), loicarë “mistaken action” (PE17/151), and saucarë “doing or making a thing very badly” (PE17/183), clearly based on √KAR “do, make”. It seems to be the infinitival form of the corresponding verb car-, but Tolkien stated in notes from the late 1960s that such a form was not infinitival when combined with other prefixes (PE22/154).

Conceptual Development: The English-Qenya Dictionary of the 1920s had the similar form ᴱQ. karo “act, action, deed” (PE15/68, 71), also mentioned in the Early Qenya Grammar with the gloss “deed” (PE14/45, 75).

Neo-Quenya: In theory the independent form carë could also be a noun meaning “action”, but more likely it is just the infinitive “to do, to make”, and the proper independent noun is carda “deed, *action”.

References ✧ PE17/151, 183; VT42/33




car- “to do, make” infinitive

Element In

ᴱQ. karo n. “deed, act, action” (Category: Action)

See Q. -carë for discussion.

References ✧ PE14/45, 75; PE15/68, 71




karoli plural ✧ PE15/71

Element In