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ᴹQ. ekkoita- v. (ta-formative) “to awake” (Category: to Wake)

⚠️ᴹQ. eccoita-, v. (ta-formative) “to awake” (Category: to Wake)
ᴺQ. cuita- “to waken, rouse; ⚠️to live”

A verb for “awake” appearing in its past or perfect form ekkoitanie “might awake” in Koivienéni sentence from the late 1930s (VT27/7), probably a combination of ᴹQ. et “out” and the verb ᴹQ. koita-.

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I prefer to use the verb ᴺQ. cuita- for “to waken, rouse”.

References ✧ VT27/7, 10




ekkoituvalya future imperfect-participle   ✧ VT27/10
ekkoitanie perfect; weak-perfect “might awake” ✧ VT27/7


et “out of”
koita- “to live, be alive, have life”

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