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ᴺQ. !pirina adj. “juicy, oozy” (Category: Juice)

ᴺQ. !pirina, adj. “juicy, oozy” (Category: Juice)

A neologism coined by Paul Strack in 2018 specifically for Eldamo to replace ᴱQ. marqa “oozy, juicy, moist”, it is a cognate of [N.] pichen from the root ᴹ√PIS.



ᴱQ. marqa adj. “oozy, juicy, moist” (Category: Juice)

A word in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “oozy, juicy, moist” and derived from the early root ᴱ√MṚKṚ (QL/63).

Reference ✧ QL/63 ✧ “oozy, juicy, moist”


Phonetic Developments

‽ᴱ√MṚKṚ > marqa [mṛkwā] > [mṛkwa] > [markwa] > [markʷa] ✧ QL/63