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Q. #canwa² n. “face” (Category: Face)

⚠️Q. #canwa², n. “face” (Category: Face)
Q. cendelë “face, *visage”

A word appearing as kanwarya in one of the drafts of the Ambidexters Sentence, apparently a 3rd-sg possessive form meaning “*his face” (VT49/6, 21). Patrick Wynne suggested it might be derived from √KAT “shape” as in katmā > kanwa, patterned after Latin “faciēs” which also originally meant “shape”. It seems the n in this word was revised, but what the change was intended to be is unclear. Tolkien eventually revised this word to cendelë, so canwa was probably abandoned.

References ✧ VT49/21



kanwarya 3rd-sg-poss “*his face” ✧ VT49/21

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