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Q. asëa aranion [þ] n. “kingsfoil, asëa of the Kings” (Category: Medicine, Drug)

Q. asëa aranion [þ], n. “kingsfoil, asëa of the Kings” (Category: Medicine, Drug)

The Quenya name of S. athelas “kingsfoil” (LotR/864), a combination of asëa and aranion, the genitive plural of aran “king”, hence = “asëa of the kings” (PE17/49, 100). The exact meaning of asea itself isn’t entirely clear. Tolkien sometimes implied asea was another name of athelas (PE17/148; PE22/166), but the translation “asëa of the kings” seems to imply it was a more general term (?healing herb) and that “kingfoil” was more specifically asëa aranion. For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I prefer to use asea for healing herbs of any kind, and use asëa aranion for the species “kingsfoil”.

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts of the 1940s, Tolkien had ᴹQ. asea aranaite, using a distinct adjective ᴹQ. aranaite “*kingly, royal” instead of later aranion.

References ✧ LotR/864; LotRI/Asëa aranion; PE17/49, 100



asëa “healing herb, athelas” ✧ LotR/864; PE17/49; PE17/100
aran “king” genitive plural ✧ LotR/864 (aranion); PE17/49 (aranion); PE17/100 (aranion)


ᴹQ. asea aranaite [þ] n. “*kingsfoil” (Category: Medicine, Drug)

See Q. asëa aranion for discussion.

Reference ✧ WR/394


asea “*healing herb” ✧ WR/394
aranaite “*kingly, royal” ✧ WR/394