Q. , interj adv. “will not, do not, shall not”

References ✧ PE17/143-145; PE22/161-162, 166; WJ/371




vamme 1st-pl-exclusive “we will not” ✧ PE17/143.3505
vamme 1st-pl-exclusive “We won’t” ✧ WJ/371.1809
válme 1st-pl-exclusive “we won’t, we are not to” ✧ PE22/161.3318
válwe 1st-pl-inclusive “we will not” ✧ PE22/161.3804
vanye 1st-sg   ✧ PE17/143.3503; PE17/144.1909
ván 1st-sg “I won’t” ✧ PE17/143.3502
ván 1st-sg   ✧ PE17/144.1908
ván/ványe 1st-sg “I won’t” ✧ WJ/371.1804
ványe 1st-sg “I won’t” ✧ PE22/161.3302; PE22/162.3502
válde 2nd-pl “you are not to (do so)” ✧ PE22/161.3404
vátye 2nd-sg-familiar “don’t! you are not to” ✧ PE22/161.3305
vátye 2nd-sg-familiar “don’t, you are not to (do that)” ✧ PE22/162.3507
válye 2nd-sg-polite “don’t, you are not to (do that)” ✧ PE22/162.3505
vár 3rd-pl “they are not to” ✧ PE22/161.3411
váse 3rd-sg “he mustn’t, he is not to” ✧ PE22/161.3311
váse 3rd-sg “he must not, he is not to” ✧ PE22/162.3515
ványe aorist 1st-sg “I won’t” ✧ PE22/166.1506

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