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Q. ilúvë n. “the whole, the all, allness” (Category: Universe)

Q. ilúvë, n. “the whole, the all, allness; ⚠️[ᴹQ.] universe, world; Heaven” (Category: Universe)

A term for everything in existence, an elaboration on (or variant of) Q. ilu. It was the initial element of Q. Ilúvatar “All-father” (MR/39). In the Quendi and Eldar essay of 1959-60, Tolkien said ilúvë “allness, the all” was an equivalent of Q. “All Creation” (WJ/402). In The Etymologies of the 1930s, it seems to be the equivalent of ᴹQ. ilu “universe” (Ety/IL).

Conceptual Development: In note from the 1940s Tolkien used Ilúve for “heaven” (MR/355), and in the earliest draft of Elendil’s Oath he used Iluve for “world” (SD/56), the latter eventually revised to Q. Ambar (LotR/967). These both seem to have been transient ideas.

Neo-Eldarin: Compared to Q. ilu, I feel that ilúvë is the totality of everything in the universe as originating from Eru, as opposed to ilu which is the entire universe itself. I think that, technically speaking, ilúvë does not include Eru, whereas ilu does. In the sense that it includes all things created by Eru, ilúvë resembles Q. , but it also includes the Ainur and other spirits not within the material realm, and so in that respect is distinct from Ëa. These fine-grained interpretations are mostly speculation on my part.

References ✧ MR/39, 471; SA/ilúvë; WJ/402




ilu “everything, all, the whole”
-vë “abstract noun, adverb”

Element In


ᴹQ. ilúve n. “universe, world; Heaven” (Category: Universe)

See Q. ilúvë for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/IL; MR/355; MRI/Ilúvë; SD/56, 401



Element In


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√ILU > ilúve [ilūwe] > [ilūve] ✧ Ety/IL