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Q. coimas (*coimass-) n. “life-bread, lembas” (Category: Bread)

Q. coimas (*coimass-), n. “life-bread, lembas” (Category: Bread)

A Quenya term for “lembas” (Elven waybread) but of different etymological origins appearing in notes from the 1950s, a combination of √KOY “live” and a reduced form of massa or masta “bread” (PM/395, 403-4). As such, its stem form is likely to be either coimass- or coimast-; I prefer the first of these. Tolkien also had Q. lerembas in notes from the 1960s as a more direct cognate of S. lembas (PE17/51).

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya I’d stick to coimas, as the etymology of lerembas is rather muddled.

References ✧ PM/395, 403-404; SA/cuivië; SI/lembas




KOY “*live, have life”
#massa “bread”

Element In


Q. lerembas n. “bread taken on leaving home (for a long journey)” (Category: Bread)

See Q. coimas for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE17/52 ✧ “bread taken on leaving home (for a long journey)”



Phonetic Developments

led(e)mbasse > lerembas [ledembasse] > [ledembass] > [leðembass] > [leðembas] > [lerembas] ✧ PE17/52