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ᴹQ. hún (hun-) n. “earth” (Category: Ground, Soil)

ᴹQ. hún (hun-), n. “earth, *ground” (Category: Ground, Soil)

A word in the Declension of Nouns from the early 1930s with stem form hun- and gloss “earth” (QL/39). It might be a later iteration of ᴱQ. han “ground, earth” from the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s (QL/39), and if so then hún might also be used as “*ground”. I think it is useful to assume so for purposes of Neo-Quenya, as the other attested word for “ground”, Q. talan, is probably used more often for “floor”, including floors above the ground level.

References ✧ PE21/19, 24-25




hullo ablative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/24
hundulo ablative   ✧ PE21/24
hunullo ablative   ✧ PE21/24
huna accusative   ✧ PE21/24
hunta allative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/24
hunen dative   ✧ PE21/24
huno genitive   ✧ PE21/24
hunwen instrumental   ✧ PE21/24; PE21/25
hunesse locative   ✧ PE21/24
hunte locative; assimilated   ✧ PE21/24
hūn nominative   ✧ PE21/24
hununt nominative dual   ✧ PE21/24
hunin nominative plural   ✧ PE21/24
hunwa possessive   ✧ PE21/24
hundon similative   ✧ PE21/24
hun stem “earth” ✧ PE21/24

ᴱQ. han (hamb-) n. “ground, earth” (Category: Ground, Soil)

A noun in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s with stem form hamb- and gloss “the ground”, derived from the root ᴱ√HAMA (QL/39). The contemporaneous Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa had only its stem form hamb- with the glosses “ground, earth” (PME/39).

References ✧ PME/39; QL/39




hamb- stem “ground, earth” ✧ PME/39
hamb- stem   ✧ QL/39

Element In



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√HAM > han [xamb] > [hamb] > [han] ✧ QL/39