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Q. -mo suf. “agental suffix” (Category: Doer, Agent)

Q. -mo, suf. “agental suffix” (Category: Doer, Agent)

A suffix of which Tolkien said “the ending -mo often appeared in names or titles, sometimes with an agental significance” (WJ/400). It is based on the pronoun mo “(some)one”. This suffix is often specifically neuter, as in [ᴹQ.] nilmo “friend” vs. male and female [ᴹQ.] nildo and nilde (Ety/NIL).

Conceptual Development: The suffix ᴱQ. -mo appears all the way back in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s in words like ᴱQ. laulemo “inhabitant” and ᴱQ. qolimo “invalid” (QL/52, 78).

References ✧ MR/49; WJ/400



mo “one, anyone, someone, somebody”

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ᴹQ. #-mo suf. “agental suffix” (Category: Doer, Agent)

Reference ✧ Ety/KAL

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ᴱQ. #-mo suf. “agental suffix” (Category: Doer, Agent)

References ✧ QL/52, 58, 78, 100

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