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ᴹQ. faraste n. “hunting, the chase” (Category: to Hunt)

⚠️ᴹQ. farastë, n. “hunting, the chase” (Category: to Hunt)
ᴺQ. ^farasta “hunting, the chase”

A word appearing as ᴹQ. faraste “hunting, the chase” in the Quenya Verbal System (QVS) from 1948 (PE22/110). It likely means a (single) act of hunting, as opposed to faralë which is “hunting” in abstract or the practice of hunting.

Neo-Quenya: Since Tolkien revised the “general action suffix” from ᴹQ. -ste to Q. -sta, I would adapt this word as ᴺQ. farasta for purposes of Neo-Quenya (PE22/137).

Reference ✧ PE22/110 ✧ “hunting, the chase”


fara- “to hunt”
-ste “general action verbal suffix” ✧ PE22/110 (-stḗ)

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