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Q. faralë n. “hunting” (Category: to Hunt)

Q. faralë, n. “hunting” (Category: to Hunt)
ᴱQ. raustë “hunting, preying, the hunt”

A word for “hunting”, an abstract noun formation from the verb Q. fara- “to hunt” (PE22/110, 138).

Reference ✧ PE22/138 ✧ fărăle “hunting”


Phonetic Developments

phár-alē > fărăle [pʰaralē] > [ɸaralē] > [ɸarale] > [farale] ✧ PE22/138

ᴹQ. farale n. “hunting” (Category: to Hunt)

See Q. faralë for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE22/110 ✧ “hunting”


fara- “to hunt”
-le “abstract noun” ✧ PE22/110