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ᴹQ. helkelimbe n. “*icicle, (lit.) ice-drop” (Category: Ice, Frost)

ᴹQ. helcelimbë, n. “*icicle, (lit.) ice-drop” (Category: Ice, Frost)

An unglossed noun in The Etymologies of the 1930s (Ety/LIB¹), a combination of ᴹQ. helke “ice” and a variant of ᴹQ. limba “drop”, perhaps meaning “*icicle”.

Conceptual Development: A word for “icicle” with a similar etymology appeared in the Qenya Lexicon: ᴱQ. liqilitl, a combination of ᴱ√LIQI “clear” and ᴱQ. litl “drop” (QL/54). This supports the notion that 1930s helkelimbe “*ice-drop” might also be used for an icicle. In the Declension of Nouns from the early 1930s, however, “icicle” was ᴹQ. helen with stem-form helem- (PE21/34).

Reference ✧ Ety/LIB¹


helke “ice”
limba “drop” ✧ Ety/LIB¹
ᴹ√KHELEK “ice” ✧ Ety/LIB¹

ᴹQ. helen (helem-) n. “icicle” (Category: Ice, Frost)

See ᴹQ. helkelimbe for discussion.

References ✧ PE21/34




helemullo ablative ✧ PE21/34
helilmo ablative; assimilated ✧ PE21/34
helema accusative ✧ PE21/34
helemunta allative ✧ PE21/34
helenta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/34
helinta allative; assimilated ✧ PE21/34
helemen dative ✧ PE21/34
helemo genitive ✧ PE21/34
helemnen instrumental ✧ PE21/34
helemesse locative ✧ PE21/34
helen nominative ✧ PE21/34
helemunt nominative dual ✧ PE21/34
helemin nominative plural ✧ PE21/34
helimya possessive ✧ PE21/34
helemundon similative ✧ PE21/34
helendon similative ✧ PE21/34
helindon similative ✧ PE21/34


ᴱQ. liqilitl n. “icicle, *(lit.) clear drop” (Category: Ice, Frost)

See ᴹQ. helkelimbe for discussion.

Reference ✧ QL/54 ✧ “icicle”


ᴱ√LIQI “flow, water; clear, transparent”
litl “tiny drop” ✧ QL/54