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ᴱQ. e-² v. “to be” (Category: Be)

⚠️ᴱQ. e-², v. “to be” (Category: Be)
Q. ëa- “to be, exist, [ᴹQ.] have being, be found extant in the real world”

References ✧ PE14/51, 54, 57; PE16/62, 66, 140-141, 143



va future   ✧ PE14/57
va future “will be” ✧ PE14/57
van(da) future active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
vasta future gerund   ✧ PE14/57
var future impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
val future plural   ✧ PE14/57
vakto future reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
ī infinitive “be” ✧ PE16/140
hye past   ✧ PE14/57
ie past   ✧ PE14/57
ie past   ✧ PE16/66
ie past “was” ✧ PE16/143
inye past   ✧ PE16/141
ye past   ✧ PE14/57
ien past active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
ien past active-participle “it was” ✧ PE16/62
yen past active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
yenda past active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
iesta past gerund   ✧ PE14/57
yesta past gerund   ✧ PE14/57
ier past impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
iel past plural   ✧ PE14/57
iekto past reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
ielko past reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/57
ie perfect “had ... been” ✧ PE14/54
e present “is” ✧ PE14/51
e present   ✧ PE14/57
e present “is” ✧ PE14/57
ea present   ✧ PE16/140
i present “is” ✧ PE14/51
i present   ✧ PE14/57
in(d-) present active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
inda present active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
ista present gerund   ✧ PE14/57
ir present impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
il present plural   ✧ PE14/57
ikto present reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
ilko present reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/57
-ie suffix   ✧ PE16/141
-nye suffix “past tense” ✧ PE16/141

Element In


ᴱQ. ó- v. “to be” (Category: Be)

Reference ✧ QL/69 ✧ ō- “am”


Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√Ō > ō- [ō-] ✧ QL/69