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Q. hravan n. “wild beast” (Category: Animal)

Q. hravan, n. “wild beast” (Category: Animal)
ᴱQ. röa “wild beast”

A word for a “wild beast” in notes from the mid-1960s, derived from the root √S-RAB “wild, in senses not tamed, domesticated” (PE17/78), hence meaning “wild animal” vs. a “tamed animal”, which would probably be Q. laman.

Reference ✧ PE17/78 ✧ hrăvan “wild beast”


hráva “wild, savage”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

srāban > hrăvan [srāban] > [r̥āban] > [r̥āβan] > [r̥āvan] ? [r̥avan] ✧ PE17/78