Telerin Words

abá interj. and particle. “don’t”
#aba-¹ v. “to refuse, will not”
aba-² pref. “not”
abapétima adj. “not to be said”
Abar n. “Dark Elf; (lit.) Refuser”
aclar n. “glory, splendour”
aipen pron. “if anybody, whoever”
alata n. “radiance, glittering reflection”
alpa n. “swan”
ambar n. “the world, the great habitation”
anda adj. “long”
andané adv. “long ago, once upon a time”
anga n. “iron”
aplat n. “prohibition, refusal”
aráta adj. “noble”
aráto n. “*noble”
arpen n. “noble (man)”
arpenia adj. “*noble”
atha- v. “to side with, ally oneself with, assist, serve”
atharo n. “ally, assistant or satellite”
atta n. “father”
attacë n. “father [diminutive]; *daddy”
au adv. “away”
au- pref. “away”
auta- v. “to go, depart, pass away”
avad adv. “away from”
particle. “I will not, Do not!”
buspo n. “large fly”
#cala n. “light”
calar n. “lamp”
calca n. “glass”
camba n. “hand”
can- v. “to cry aloud, call; to summon or name a person”
canat num. card. “four”
canatya num. ord. “fourth”
cáno n. “herald”
car- v. “to do”
cava n. “house”
ceulë n. “*renewal”
ceura adj. “renewed”
ceura- v. “to renew, refresh”
céva adj. “fresh, new, renewed”
ciuran n. “new-moon”
ciure adj. see ceura
dammë n. “ebb, lowtide”
de pron. “you”
delia- v. “to go, proceed”
donda n. “fist”
duimë n. “flood, high tide”
duinë n. “(large) river”
duita- v. “to flood, inundate, drench”
él n. “star”
ela interj. “behold!”
elen n. “star”
Ella adj. and n. “Elf”
Ellálië n. “Elvenfolk”
Ello n. “Elf”
emmë n. “mother”
emmecë n. “mother [diminutive]; *mommy”
enec num. card. “six”
ened adj. “middle”
enempë num. card. “16”
enetya num. ord. “sixth”
engole n. “lore”
epë prep. “say, says, said”
er num. card. “one”
evë pron. “a person, somebody (unnamed)”
forma n. “right-hand”
fuinë n. “gloom”
gáia n. “terror, great fear”
gáiala adj. “*fell, terrible, dire”
gaiar n. “Great Sea”
galada n. “tree”
galla n. “tree”
gampa n. “hook, crook”
glada- v. “to laugh”
glana n. “edge, rim”
glanda n. “a boundary”
glania- v. “to bound, limit”
glanna adj. “bounded, limited”
glavarë n. “golden light”
Goldo n. “Noldo”
Goldolambë n. “Quenya”
Goldórin n. “Quenya”
góle n. “long study (of any subject)”
háda n. “piled mound, heap” see hamna
hadro n. “?doctor, leech”
hamna n. “pile, (artificial) mound, heap”
han- v. “to give”
hanna n. “brother”
hannacë n. “brother [diminutive]”
háno n. “brother”
hatha- v. “to treat (medically)”
hatta n. “fence, hedge”
hauda n. “hoard, store”
heca interj. “be gone!, stand aside!”
heco adv. and prep. “leaving aside, not counting, excluding, except”
hecta- v. “to reject, abandon”
heculo n. “one lost or forsaken by friends, waif, outcast, outlaw”
ho prep. “from”
ho- pref. “away, from, from among”
hor- v. “to warn, urge”
ilpen pron. “everybody”
imbe n. “gap, gully; low/narrow tract between high walls”
indo n. “a particular will or intention of a person”
kampë num. card. “*14”
lamba n. “physical tongue”
lambë n. “language”
lanca n. “sharp edge (not of tools), sudden end”
lauda n. “gluttonous eating”
lepempë num. card. “15”
lepen num. card. “five”
lepenya num. ord. “fifth”
leper n. “finger”
lepet n. “thumb”
lepta- v. “to pick (up/out); to finger, feel with the fingertips”
limpi n. “light as an ethereal substance”
#Linda n. “Teler”
Lindalambë n. “Telerin (Language)”
Lindárin n. “Telerin (Language)”
n. “pool, bathing place”
loga n. “*flood, fenland”
logna adj. “soaking wet, swamped”
n. “bow”
luinë adj. “blue”
lúmë n. “hour, *time”
lúta- v. “to bow, bend”
má¹ n. “hand”
má² prep. “by (hand of), of agent”
mála adj. “loving, affectionate”
málimë n. “wrist, (lit.) hand-link”
mapa n. “hand”
mapa- v. “to take hold of, grasp”
mascu n. “mire”
mat- v. “to eat”
matta- v. “to handle, wield, manage, deal with”
min num. card. “one”
minipë num. card. “eleven”
minya num. ord. “first”
nápa n. “thumb”
natte n. “a wounding, a wound”
adv. “ago, behind (earlier time); yes (it was so)”
nelet num. card. “three”
nellepë n. “middle finger”
nelpë num. card. “*13”
nelya num. ord. “third”
nentë n. “fourth finger”
neter num. card. “nine”
neterpë num. card. “19”
neterya num. ord. “ninth”
nétha adj. “gay, lively, girlish”
nettë¹ n. “sister (diminutive)”
nettë² n. “honey”
netticë n. “sister (diminutive)”
néþa n. “sister”
ni pron. “me, *I”
nia pron. “my”
nícë n. “little finger”
nid- v. “urge, press, force”
níde n. “full vigorous purpose, exertion of will”
nimbi adj. “white”
-o suf. “of”
órë n. “heart (inner mind)”
#orot n. “mountain”
orotrátho suf. “mountain-climber”
otos num. card. “seven”
otospë num. card. “17”
ototya num. ord. “seventh”
paianya num. ord. “tenth”
pai(n) num. card. “ten”
palta- v. “to feel with the hand, stroke”
pár n. “fist”
parma n. “book”
pen n. “man, *somebody, *someone”
†#Pendë n. “Elf (as a race)”
**Pendia n. “Quenya”
pet- v. “to tell”
pincë n. “little-one, baby”
plata n. “flat of the hand”
rath- v. “to climb”
rathumo n. “climber (professional or habitual)”
ratta n. “a track”
resta n. “sown field, tilled ground”
ría n. “wreath, garland”
-riel suf.
rielle (riell-) n. “maiden crowned with a festive garland”
#-rin suf. “-ian, racial-adjective, language”
-ró suf. “future suffix”
runga- v. “to hasten”
-s suf. “definite article”
sil- v. “to shine”
-tá suf. “verbal noun”
#talta- v. “to slip (down), collapse, fall in ruin”
tancula n. “clasp, brooch”
tassa n. “index finger”
tata num. card. “two”
tatya num. ord. “second”
telpe (telep-) n. “silver”
#telperin adj. “like silver (in hue or worth)”
tollë n. “*sticker-up”
tolmo n. “thumb”
tolodya num. ord. “eighth”
tolot (tolod-) num. card. “eight”
tolpë num. card. “18”
þarma n. “left-hand”
uba- v. “it is on my mind that it will happen, I feel sure it will happen”
úbië n. “nearby region(s), neighborhood, district”
ubra adj. “near, close by”
ubrie adv. “nearly, almost”
urus (urust-) n. “copper”
#Vania n. “Vanya”
vo- pref. “together”
vola n. “a roller, long wave”
vomentië n. “meeting of ways”
winicë n. “little-one, baby”
-ya suf. “adjective suffix”
ye conj. “and (pairs)”
yúnecë num. card. “twelve”