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ᴺQ. [ᴹQ.] ^ëasta n. “being, existence” (Category: Be)

ᴺQ. [ᴹQ.] ^ëasta, n. “being, existence” (Category: Be)


Q. ëa- “to be, exist”
Q. #-sta² “verbal noun suffix”

Element In

ᴹQ. easte n. “being, essence” (Category: Be)

Reference ✧ PE22/123 ✧ ëaste “being, essence”


ea- “to be; to exist, have being, be found extant in the real world” ✧ PE22/122
-ste “general action verbal suffix”

ᴹQ. yeste n. “being, existence” (Category: Be)

Reference ✧ PE22/123 ✧ “being, existence”


ye- “to be” ✧ PE22/123 ()
-ste “general action verbal suffix”