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Q. maxo n. “mire” (Category: Mud, Mire)

Q. maxo, n. “mire, [ᴹQ.] sticky substance” (Category: Mud, Mire)
ᴱQ. lutl “gum, paste, sticky matter”

A word in both the Outline of Phonetic Development (OP1) of the 1930s and the Outline of Phonology (OP2) of the 1950s, where it was glossed “sticky substance, mire” (PE19/48) and “mire” (PE19/101). In both places, it was derived from ✶mazgō, and served to illustrated the sound change whereby [z] plus voiced stop became unvoiced (zg > sk > ks = x) in Ancient Quenya.

Reference ✧ PE19/101 ✧ makso “mire”

Element In



Phonetic Developments

mazgō/ŭ > makso [mazgō] > [maskō] > [masko] > [makso] ✧ PE19/101

ᴹQ. makso n. “sticky substance, mire” (Category: Mud, Mire)

See Q. maxo for discussion.

Reference ✧ PE19/48 ✧ “sticky substance, mire”


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶mazgō > makso [mazgō] > [maskō] > [masko] > [makso] ✧ PE19/48