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ᴹQ. #kav- v. (basic-verb) “to be able” (Category: Can, May)

⚠️ᴹQ. #cav-, v. (basic-verb) “to be able” (Category: Can, May)
Q. pol- “can, to be able to”
Q. #cav- “to receive, *accept”

References ✧ PE22/92, 102, 105, 121, 127


kave aorist “can” ✧ PE22/92; PE22/102
kavinye aorist 1st-sg “I can” ✧ PE22/92
kauva future   ✧ PE22/105
kauva future “shall be able to” ✧ PE22/121
kauva future “did not” ✧ PE22/127: for kavuva
kambe past “could” ✧ PE22/102

Element In


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ√KAV- > kavuva > kauva [kabubā] > [kaβuβā] > [kauβā] > [kauβa] > [kauva] ✧ PE22/105