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ᴹQ. ola- v. (a-verb) “to grow [up]” (Category: to Grow)

See Q. ola- for discussion.

References ✧ PE22/107, 109, 111, 113, 116, 124-125





olea active-participle “growing, living (of plants etc.)” ✧ PE22/111
olárea active-participle “growing” ✧ PE22/116
olar aorist plural “grow” ✧ PE22/116
ólar aorist plural “grow” ✧ PE22/124
olaryane consuetudinal-past   ✧ PE22/116: was not much used [for this class of verbs]
oláva future   ✧ PE22/109
oláva future “will go on growing, will grow” ✧ PE22/116
oláre gerund “growing” ✧ PE22/116
olarya imperfect-participle “growing” ✧ PE22/107; PE22/107
olane past “grew, were growing” ✧ PE22/116
óle past; strong-past “grew, finished growing, grew up, became” ✧ PE22/116
(ol)ólie perfect “it has grown up, it has reached its prime, become” ✧ PE22/116
ōla- present “is growing” ✧ PE22/116: strong present
ólar present plural “is ... growing” ✧ PE22/116

Element In


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶golā > ola- [gola-] > [ɣola-] > [ola-] ✧ PE22/113