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Q. orya-² v. (ya-causative) “*to raise” (Category: to Lift, Raise)

⚠️Q. orya-², v. (ya-causative) “*to raise” (Category: to Lift, Raise)
Q. orta-¹ “to raise, cause to rise, lift (up)”
@@@ seems to be mostly a theoretical example to illustrate yā-causative, orta-¹ is preferable in ordinary speach

References ✧ PE22/164



oryan aorist 1st-sg ✧ PE22/164
oryauva future ✧ PE22/164
oryane past ✧ PE22/164
(or)oryanie perfect; weak-perfect ✧ PE22/164
ororyaye perfect ✧ PE22/164
oryean present 1st-sg ✧ PE22/164