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Q. nem-² v. (basic-verb) “*to seem, appear” (Category: to Seem)

Q. nem-², v. (basic-verb) “[ᴹQ.] to seem, appear” (Category: to Seem)
ᴱQ. ilc- “to seem”
ᴺQ. !séya- “to seem”

Tolkien used the verb ᴹQ. nem- “seem, appear” in the Quendian & Common Eldarin Verbal Structure (EVS1) and Quenya Verbal System from the late 1940s (PE22/93 note #7; PE22/99-100), and this verb was also indicated by Q. nemesta “appearance, seeming” Common Eldarin: Verb Structure (EVS2) from the early 1950s (PE22/137). In EVS1 Tolkien toyed with using the verb form nim- “seem”, but this was revised to nem- (PE22/93 note #6).

Conceptual Development: The forms Q. níma/nimulë and S. nîf/nivol in 1957 notes, all glossed “phantom” or “seeming”, indicate Tolkien may have restored *√NIM “seem”. An unglossed past tense form nemne appeared in Late Notes on Verb Structure (LVS) from 1969 (PE22/152), but this could be the past form of Q. nem- “judge” appearing later in the same bundle of documents, a verb that Tolkien rejected and revised: {nem- >> ham- >>} nav- “judge/think” (PE22/154 and notes #53-55).

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I prefer to retain better attested nem- for “seem, appear”. For clarity in the model, I treat the 1969 past form nemne as “seemed” rather than “judged” so that I can use it as the basis for early 1950s Q. nemesta “appearance, seeming” and to avoid giving the mistaken impression that 1969 Q. nem- “judge” was not rejected.

References ✧ PE22/152


nemne past ✧ PE22/152

Element In



ᴹQ. nem- v. (basic-verb) “to seem, appear” (Category: to Seem)

See Q. nem-² for discussion.

References ✧ PE22/93, 99-100, 105, 111



nemia active-participle   ✧ PE22/100
nemia active-participle “apparent” ✧ PE22/111
nĕmĕ aorist   ✧ PE22/99
nĕmĭ- aorist “seem” ✧ PE22/99
nemit aorist dual   ✧ PE22/99
nemir aorist plural   ✧ PE22/99
nemin aorist with-1st-sg-object “it seems to me” ✧ PE22/93
nemin aorist with-1st-sg-object “seems to me” ✧ PE22/99
nimin aorist with-1st-sg-object “it seems to me” ✧ PE22/93
nemuva future   ✧ PE22/105
nemie gerund “seeming” ✧ PE22/99
nemie gerund “seeming, appearance” ✧ PE22/99
nēma present “is appearing” ✧ PE22/100

Element In