Neo-Sindarin Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

1.33 Lake, Pond

ᴱN. umboth n. “twilight”
G. umboth n. “nightfall”

1.36 Brook, Stream, River

ᴺS. [Ilk.] ?celon n. “river”

1.63 Shade, Shadow

G. muil n. “tarn”

1.83 Smoke (n)

G. usc n. “fog, mist”

2. Mankind

2.35 Father

S. atheg n. “(little) father; thumb”

3. Animals

4. Body Parts and Functions

4.492 Penis

ᴱN. gwib n. “teors, *penis”

5. Food and Drink

6. Clothing and Adornment

7. Dwelling and Furniture

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

8.62 Beech

G. deldron [nd-] n. “beech (tree)”
ᴱN. delian n. “beech-tree”

9. Physical Acts and Materials

10. Motion and Transportation

11. Possession and Trade

12. Spatial Relations

12.272 Hidden, Concealed

G. furion adj. “secret, concealed, hidden”

13. Quantity and Number

14. Time

15. Sense Perception

15.62 Light in Color

ᴱN. lhui adj. “pale”

16. Emotion

16.24 Happy; Happiness

S. al-² pref. “well, happily”

17. Mind and Thought

18. Language and Music

19. Social Relations

20. Warfare and Hunting

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

22.44 Elf, Nymph, Fairy

G. Egla n. “fairy, (lit.) being from outside”

23. Grammar

23.5 Noun Inflection

G. -in¹ suf. “plural suffix”