Neo-Sindarin Vocabulary


The Sindarin vocabulary words presented here are drawn from a large number of sources, both before and after The Lord of the Rings. Since this does not match Tolkien’s conception of the language at any particular time, this vocabulary list uses the “Neo-Sindarin” designation.

Words in this list marked with a “^” are adopted or adapted from Tolkien’s earliest writings (1910-30) or from words that may have been rejected by Tolkien, and thus are less likely to be generally recognized. Words marked with a “*” are fan-invented words, though they are based in some way on Tolkien’s work. Some of the English translations in quotes may be questionable or fan-invented: these are also marked with a “*”. Editorial additions [generally clarifications] appear in brackets: []. Words or translations marked with a “†” are archaic or poetic, and would not used in ordinary speech.

For more information about how this vocabulary list was assembled, see the Full Neo-Sindarin Word List and the discussion of the Motivations and Methodology of the Eldamo lexicon. This list reflects my own opinions of the “best” Neo-Sindarin words to use, and not every Neo-Sindarin writer would agree with me. For a more academic or scholarly approach to Tolkien’s languages, with a more complete list of the words he created including all their contradiction and inconsistencies, see the Sindarin Language Page.

The current version of this vocabulary list is a working draft, and is subject to change. New words will be added in the future, and some older or incompatible words may be removed. For now, you should consult original sources and use your own judgement as to which words you should use.

-a suf. “[old] genitive suffix”
a- pref. “intensive prefix”
conj. “and; †by, near, beside”
interj. “O!”
ab prep. “after”
*abgen- v. “to foresee, expect”
ablad n. “prohibition, refusal”
*abor n. “tomorrow, (lit.) after-day”
ach¹ n. “neck, *spine”
ach² conj. “*but”
achad n. “rock ridge, neck (geographically)”
achar- v. “to avenge, do back, react, requite”
achared n. “vengeance”
acharn n. “vengeance, (an act of) revenge”
-ad suf. “dual”
ad- pref. “back, again, re-”
-ad¹ suf. “noun-suffix”
ada n. “father (hypocoristic), daddy”
adab n. “building, house”
^adaba- v. “to build, establish”
Adan n. “Man (as a race)”
adaneth n. “(mortal) woman”
adar n. “father”
*adbathra- v. “to refill”
adbed- v. “to rephrase”
adel prep. “behind, in rear (of)”
*aden prep. “until”
adertha- v. “to reunite”
aderthad n. “reuniting”
^adlanna- v. “to slope, slant”
^adlant adj. “oblique, slanted”
^adlod adj. “sloping, tilted”
adu adj. “double”
aduial n. “(evening) twilight, *evening”
advir n. “heirloom”
^aebin n. “cherry (tree)”
*aeda- v. “to revere, worship”
*aedaith n. “reverence, worship, religion”
^aedh n. “nest”
aeg adj. “sharp, pointed, piercing”
^aegas n. “mountain peak”
aeglir n. “line of peaks, range of mountain peaks”
aeglos n. “snowthorn; icicle”
ael n. “lake, pool”
aen adv. “should be; ?may it be that”
*Aeni n. “(female) angel”
*aenor n. “god”
*Aenu n. “(male) angel”
aer adj. “*hallowed, holy”
aerlinn n. “*hymn, (lit.) holy song”
*aeron n. “saint”
aes n. “cooked food, meat”
^aevar n. “rookery, colony of birds”
aew n. “(small) bird”
aewen adj. “of birds”
*agla- v. “to shine out, flash”
^aglann n. “ray of light”
aglar n. “glory, brilliance, splendour, radiance”
aglareb adj. “glorious, brilliant, *radiant”
^agol n. “flash”
agor adj. “narrow”
^agrech n. “contempt”
^agreitha- v. “to despise, contemn”
^agreithannen adj. “despised”
^agreitharol adj. “despicable, contemptible”
ai¹ interj. “hail”
ai² pron. “*those who”
*ain adj. “same, identical”
air adj. “lonely”
^aith n. “spear-point, spear”
al-¹ pref. “no, not”
alae interj. “?behold”
alaf n. “elm”
alag adj. “rushing, impetuous”
alagos n. “storm (of wind)”
albeth n. “(word of) good omen”
alfirin adj. and n. “immortal, (lit.) not dying; a species of flower”
*alhad pron. “nowhere”
*alnad pron. “nothing”
alph n. “swan”
*alphen pron. “no one, nobody”
alu adj. “wholesome”
*alvar n. “(good) luck, fortune”
alwed adj. “prosperous, fortunate”
*am adv. and adj. “more”
am adv. “up, upwards”
am- pref. “snake”
amar n. “world, the Earth, (lit.) settlement”
amarth n. “fate, doom”
amartha- v. “to define, decree, destine”
*amarthannen adj. “decreed, destined, ordained”
amben adj. and adv. “uphill; arduous, difficult, tiresome”
amdir n. “hope [based on reason], *expectation, (lit.) looking up”
amloth n. “uprising flower”
amlug n. “dragon”
^ammal n. “(death) agony”
*amman adv. “why, (lit.) for what”
*ammatha- v. “to maul”
^ammos n. “*breast, chest, bosom”
*ammuia- v. “to work (hard) for, to earn”
amon n. “hill, (isolated) mountain; lump, clump, mass”
^amosgarn n. “robin, (lit.) red-breast”
amrûn n. “sunrise, east, (lit.) of the uprising”
an prep. “to, for”
an- pref. “intensive prefix”
an- pref. “with, by”
anann adv. “(for) long”
anc n. “jaw, row of teeth”
and adj. “long”
andaith n. “long-mark”
^andrann n. “cycle, age, (lit.) long cycle”
andreth n. “long-suffering, patience”
*andrethui adj. “patient, long suffering”
ang n. “iron”
angerthas n. “runic alphabetic, (lit.) long rune-rows”
anglenna- v. “to approach”
*anglennol adj. “approaching, coming”
angol¹ n. “deep lore, magic”
angos n. “horror”
angren adj. “of iron”
angwedh n. “chain, fetter, (lit.) iron-bond”
aníra- v. “to desire, *long for”
ann¹ n. “gift”
anna- v. “to give, †add to”
annabon n. “elephant”
*annas n. “length”
*anneth n. “(act of) giving”
annon n. “(great) gate, door”
annui adj. “west[ern]”
annûn n. “sunset, west; (lit.) going down”
Anor n. “Sun”
*anóren adj. “sunny”
-ant suf. “3rd person past tense”
^anu n. and adj. “male (person or animal)”
anwar adj. “awe”
^anwas n. “manhood, *manliness, masculinity”
^anwathren adj. “manly, masculine”
*apha- v. “to touch”
aphad- v. “to follow”
*aphadol adj. “following”
aphadon n. “follower”
^apharch adj. “arid, very dry”
*aphas n. “(sence of) touch”
ar- pref. “outside; without”
ar-² pref. “day”
ar(a)- pref. “noble, royal, high”
aran n. “king, lord, chief, (lit.) high or noble person; lord (of a specific region)”
*aranas n. “kingship”
*ar(an)eg n. “kinglet”
aras n. “deer, hart, *stag”
^archadhu n. “throne, (lit.) high seat”
arnad n. “*kingdom”
arnediad adj. “unnumbered, without reckoning, numberless, innumerable, countless, endless”
arnen n. “?royal”
arnoediad adj. “unnumbered, without reckoning”
arod adj. “noble”
arphen n. “noble, knight”
arthor n. “realm”
-as suf. “abstract noun”
^asg n. “bone”
asgar adj. “violent, rushing, impetuous”
*asgolui adj. “equivalent, (lit.) beside-bear-able”
^ast n. “light or heat of the sun, *warmth”
ast n. “dust”
astor n. “loyalty”
astorad n. “loyalty”
*astren adj. “dusty”
-ath suf. “collective or group plural”
ath- pref. “easily”
atha- v. “will (future)”
athae n. and adj. “?healing”
athan prep. “beyond”
atheg n. “(little) father; thumb”
athelas n. “kingsfoil, a healing herb”
athgar adj. “easy (easy to do)”
athgen adj. “easily seen”
*athor n. “doctor”
athra-¹ v. “to cross (to and fro)”
athra-² v. “to treat medically”
*athrabed- v. “to discuss, exchange words”
athrabeth n. “conversation, debate, (lit.) interchange of words”
athrad n. “ford, crossing”
athrada- v. “to cross, traverse”
athragared n. “interaction”
aur n. “(whole) day, sunlight, morning”
auth n. “dim shape, spectral or vague apparition”
auth n. “war, battle”
ava- v. “will not, do not”
avad n. “refusal, reluctance”
*avaeth n. “ravishment; seizure”
*avaetha- v. “to ravish, seize (forcibly)”
*avaethron n. “seizer, ravisher”
*avnedhor n. “afternoon”
avras n. “precipice”
awarth n. “abandonment”
awartha- v. “to forsake”
bach [mb-] n. “article (for exchange), ware, thing”
^bâch n. “jacket, coat”
bachor [mb-] n. “pedlar, *trader, merchant”
bad- v. “*to tread”
bâd n. “beaten track, pathway, way, path”
badh- [mb-] v. “to judge”
badhor [mb-] n. “judge”
badhron [mb-] n. “judge”
bain adj. “beautiful; good, wholesome, favorable”
bal- v. “*to have power”
*baladh n. “worth, importance”
*balaen adj. “divine”
Balan n. “Vala, Power”
*balas n. “divinity, divine power”
balch adj. “fierce, ferocious; cruel”
^ball adj. “worthy, important”
*balla- v. “to matter; to be of significance, worth, moment”
*baltha- v. “to excite, rouse, stir up, agitate”
*balthannen n. “excited, agitated”
*balthol v. “exciting; excitable”
*balu n. “excitement, emotion”
*bam [mb-] n. “sheep”
*banath n. “beauty”
band [mb-] n. “prison, custody, duress”
^bang n. “staff”
banga- [mb-] v. “to trade, *sell”
^bangad n. “trade, trading”
^bangath n. “market”
bâr [mb-] n. “home, house, dwelling”
bara adj. “fiery, eager”
barad n. “tower, great towering building, fort, fortress”
barad² [mb-] adj. “doomed, *fated”
baradh adj. “steep”
baran adj. “brown, golden-brown; swart, dark brown”
bardh [mb-] n. “home”
^bardha- v. “to rule, reign”
*bardhon n. “inhabitant, native”
bardor [mb-] n. “home land, native land”
*barf n. “armor”
*barn¹ adj. “safe, protected, secure”
^barn² adj. “tilled, inhabited”
bartha- [mb-] v. “to doom”
barthan [mb-] n. “large building of masonry used as a dwelling”
basgorn [mb-] n. “loaf, loaf of bread, round loaf, cake”
bas(t) [mb-] n. “bread”
^basta- [mb-] v. “to bake”
batha- v. “to trample”
^bauch n. “price, cost”
baudh [mb-] n. “judgement”
baug [mb-] adj. “tyrannous, cruel, oppressive”
baugla- [mb-] v. “to oppress”
bauglir [mb-] n. “constrainer; tyrant, oppressor”
baul [mb-] n. “torment”
baur [mb-] n. “need”
*baura- [mb-] v. “to need, require”
*bavron n. “shepherd, herdsman”
baw¹ interj. “no, do not!”
baw² [mb-] n. “howling”
be prep. “as, like”
*bedhril n. “judge (f.)”
*beinas n. “beauty”
belaith [mb-] adj. “mighty”
beleg adj. “great, mighty; large, big, huge”
^beleitha- [mb-] v. “to extol, magnify”
^belen adj. “expanded, unrolled, unfurled, set (of sails)”
bellas n. “bodily strength”
^belon n. “sail”
belt adj. “strong in body”
^belu- v. “to unroll, unfurl, belly (of sails), swell, *set sail”
*ben prep. “according to”
*bened n. “chin”
benn n. “man, male, †husband”
bennas n. “angle”
beren¹ adj. “bold”
bereth n. and adj. “queen, spouse; supreme, sublime”
beria- v. “to protect”
bertha- v. “to dare”
*berthas n. “adventure, bold undertaking”
*berthian n. “challenge; daring, audacity”
besain [mb-] n. “the Lady, breadgiver”
bess n. “woman; wife”
*best n. “marriage, matrimony, wedlock”
*besta- v. “to wed, marry”
*bestad n. “wedding, (lit.) marrying”
*bestannen adj. “wedded, married”
^bethren n. “brother in law, kinsman by marriage”
^bethres n. “sister in law, *kinswoman by marriage”
*bethril n. “spouse (f.)”
*bethron n. “spouse (m.)”
*bída- v. “to compare, liken”
*bîl n. “likeness, similarity”
*bíleb adj. “equal”
*bilebra- v. “to equal”
*bilebren adj. “equable”
*bileutha- v. “to make equal, equalize”
*biltha- v. “to resemble, seem like; to seem likely, be probable”
*bilthadren adj. “probable”
blab- v. “to flap, beat (wings etc.)”
*blabed n. “flapping, beating (especially of wings)”
^blaud n. “pride”
^blê n. and adj. “fat of meat; *fatty, oily, greasy”
^blîw n. “oil”
^blodren adj. “arrogant, *proud”
^bloss [mb-] n. “wheat”
bo prep. “*on”
boda- v. “to ban, prohibit, refuse, forbid”
^boe [mb-] v. “I must”
^bond [mb-] adj. “snouted”
bôr adj. and n. “steadfast; trusty man, faithful vassal”
born¹ [mb-] adj. “hot, red”
born² adj. “[stead]fast”
both n. “fen, marsh; puddle, small pool”
^bothol [mb-] n. “oven”
bragollach n. “sudden flame; ?wild fire”
brand¹ adj. “towering, tall and massive, high; lofty, noble, fine”
brand² n. “steeple”
^branna- v. “to scorch”
brannon n. “lord”
^brant adj. “cooked, done; overdone”
brass n. “white heat, *extreme heat”
brass n. “great cliff”
brassen adj. “white-hot, *very hot”
brasta- v. “to tower up, loom”
^brath- v. “to cook”
*brêg adj. “lively, sudden, quick”
breged n. “violence, suddenness”
bregedur n. “wild fire”
bregol adj. “quick, sudden, violent, *fierce”
bregolas n. “fierceness, *ferocity”
breitha- v. “to break out suddenly”
brenia- v. “to endure”
brennil n. “lady”
breth n. “mast”
brethil¹ n. “silver-birch; beech”
brethil² n. “princess, (lit.) queen-daughter”
bril n. “glass, crystal”
brith n. “gravel”
brithon adj. “pebbly”
brôg n. “bear”
brona- v. “to last, survive”
*bronad n. “survival”
bronadui adj. “enduring, lasting”
^brond adj. “firm, steadfast, *faithful, constant”
*bronnas n. “steadfastness, constancy”
bronwe n. “endurance”
brui adj. “loud, *noisy”
brûn adj. “old (has long endured)”
budhu n. “large fly”
*budhulug n. “dragonfly”
buia- v. “to serve, hold allegiance to”
^bund [mb-] n. “snout, nose, cape”
*bŷl n. “(single) service or favour”
^bŷr n. “follower, vassal”
cab- v. “to leap, jump”
cabed n. “leap”
cabor n. “frog”
cad adv. “*after”
cadhad n. “dwarf”
^cadu adj. “shaped, formed”
cadwor adj. “shapely”
*caeda- v. “to lie; to lay (down)”
cael n. “lying in bed, sickness”
caeleb adj. “bedridden, sick”
caer² n. “flat isle on a river”
^caeth n. “cause, reason, motive”
^caetha- v. “to make to do or be, cause, compel, induce, bring about”
^caethas n. “causation”
^caetheb n. “original”
caew n. “lair, resting-place”
cáfru n. “?flea”
cai n. “hedge”
cail n. “fence, palisade of spikes or sharp stakes”
cair n. “ship”
cal- v. “to shine”
calad n. “light, brightness, shining”
calan n. “day(light)”
calar n. “(portable) lamp”
calardan n. “lampwright”
calen adj. “green; †bright, bright colored”
callon n. “hero”
^calph n. “water-vessel, bucket”
cam n. “(cupped) hand, holding hand; handful”
^camlann n. “palm of hand”
*camma- v. “to make fit, suit, accommodate, adapt”
can- v. “to cry out, shout, call”
canad num. card. “four”
canath n. “quarter”
^cang adj. and n. “tangled, confused, mixed up, awry; tangle, confusion, mêllay”
^canga- v. “to tangle, *to go wrong”
cannas n. “[abstract] shape”
cant n. “shape; outline”
*canthil n. “square”
canthui num. ord. “fourth”
*caphaen num. card. “forty”
car- v. “to do, make”
carab n. “hat”
carach n. “jaws, rows of teeth”
caraes n. “*jagged hedge of spikes”
carag n. “spike, tooth of rock”
caran adj. “red”
caras n. “circular earthwall with dike, fort surrounded by bulwarks; city (built above ground)”
carch n. “fang, tooth”
car(dh) n. “house”
cared n. “action”
*carf n. “tool, implement, weapon”
*carnen adj. “done, finished”
*caron n. “actor, agent, doer, maker”
carth n. “deed”
*carthas n. “activity”
carweg adj. “active; busy”
cast n. “cape, headland”
castol n. “helmet”
cathrae n. “tressure, *net for containing hair”
^cauda- v. “to get flavour of, perceive, notice”
^caudol adj. “tasteful, endowed with good taste; discreet, circumspect”
caul n. “(great) burden; affliction”
caun¹ n. “prince, chief, head”
caun² n. “outcry, clamour”
*caur n. “action, doing, making; verb”
*caust n. “savour, flavour”
*cauth n. “deception, lie”
*cav- v. “to receive, *accept”
*cavren v. “acceptable”
caw n. “top”
caw- v. “to taste”
^caweth n. “sense of taste, taste, judgement”
*ce adv. “may(be), might”
ceber n. “stake, spike”
cef n. “soil”
*ceiria- v. “to cause, bring about”
^celair adj. “brilliant, *shining”
celeb n. “silver”
celebrin adj. “like silver (in hue or worth)”
*celef n. “deer, hind”
celeg adj. “hasty; agile, swift”
celeth n. “stream, *brook, rill, runlet; (lit.) a flowing”
celevon adj. “*of silver”
*celf n. “channel”
*celia- v. “to illuminate, light up; to illustrate”
*celias n. “(artificial) light, illumination”
*cell adj. “flowing”
^celon n. “river”
^celu n. “spring, source”
cen- v. “to see, perceive, look”
cened¹ n. “looking, *seeing”
cenedril n. “mirror, looking-glass, (lit.) looking-crystal”
cennan n. “potter”
cerch n. “sickle”
ceredir n. “doer, maker, *crafter (m.)”
*ceredis n. “crafter (f.)”
cerin n. “circular mound, artificial hill; round enclosure”
certh n. “rune”
certhas n. “runes-rows, runic alphabet”
Cerveth n. “July”
*cesta- v. “to seek, search for, look for”
*cestaed adj. “curious, seeking, inquisitive”
*cestaedas n. “curiousity”
*ceth- v. “to examine, search, interrogate”
*cethaeg n. “horizon”
ceven n. “*earth; Earth”
cevn adj. “of earth, earthen”
cevnas n. “earthenware”
ci pron. “thou”
cidinn adj. “small”
*cil- v. “to choose, select”
*cilu n. “choice, choosing, *selection”
^cim n. “blade”
*cin pron. “you (sg. fam.)”
*cîn pron. “your (sg. fam.)”
cinnog adj. “small”
^círbann n. “haven”
círdan n. “shipbuilder, shipwright”
*cirion n. “sailor, shipman”
cirith n. “cleft, ravine, defile, pass”
cîw adj. “fresh, new, renewed”
claur adj. and n. “splendid; †splendour, glory”
*codhon n. “idol”
*col- v. “to bear, carry, wear”
^colch n. “box, chest”
*coleb adj. “burdensome”
coll adj. “red, scarlet”
coll¹ n. “cloak, mantle”
coll² adj. “hollow”
*collorn n. “laburnum, *(lit.) orange-tree”
*colof n. “orange [fruit]”
*colron n. “bearer”
*coltha- v. “to bear up; to weigh, balance it on scales; to be worth, value or be equivalent to”
^colu n. “pestilence”
*colui adj. “light (to carry), not heavy, (lit.) carryable”
^colwed adj. “pestilent”
*com adj. and n. “bellied”
condir n. “mayor, (lit.) *chief-man”
*conui adj. “commanding”
cor n. “ring, circle”
*coranor n. “solar year, (lit.) sun-round”
corch n. “crow”
*cordh n. “sour (of milk), curdled”
cordof n. “pippin, *(small red) apple”
*corf n. “ring (for fingers)”
corn adj. “round, globed”
^corob n. “skull”
coron n. “mound”
coron n. “globe, ball”
^cortha- v. “to turn sour, curdle, congeal”
^coru adj. “cunning, wily”
cost n. “quarrel, *dispute”
coth n. “enemy, foe; enmity”
^cotha- v. “to startle”
*cov- v. “to bow”
cova- v. “to come together, meet; to gather, assemble”
covad(a)- v. “to bring together, make meet”
*covas n. “community”
^covn n. “empty, void”
*covra- v. “to empty”
craban n. “bird of crow-kind, *raven”
cram n. “cake of compressed flour or meal”
crann adj. and n. “ruddy (of face); face, blush, the cheeks”
^crantha- v. “to finish, complete, accomplish, achieve”
^cranthannen adj. “complete, perfect”
^crech n. “spittle”
^crig n. “elbow”
^crisg adj. “sharp [edged]”
criss n. “cleft, cut, slash, gash”
crist n. “cleaver”
^crista- v. “to slash, cut, slice”
critha- v. “to reap”
^crui n. “colour”
^cruin adj. “coloured”
^cruith n. “colour, complexion, appearance”
crumguru n. “wiley, sinister, guilty”
n. “bow; arch, crescent”
cûd n. “foe”
cuen n. “small gull, petrel, sea-bird”
cugu n. “dove”
cuia- v. “to live”
cuil n. “life, lifetime”
^cuileb adj. “lively”
^cuilvorn n. “lifetime”
cuin adj. “alive”
cuina- v. “to be alive”
^cuinas n. “vitality, liveliness”
^cuith n. “life, the vital principle; living body”
^cuithas n. “life (period of life); living, livelihood”
^cui(w) adj. “awake, alert”
cûl n. “load”
*culuin adj. “golden-red, orange (in color)”
*cum n. “belly”
cûn adj. “bowed, bent, bow-shaped, concave”
^†cund n. “prince”
*cungan n. “violin, (lit.) bow-harp”
*cungan(d) n. “viol(in), (lit.) bow-harp”
^cûr n. “cheese”
^cúron n. “crescent moon”
^curth n. “curd”
curu n. “skill (of the hand), craft; power, ability; cunning; magic”
curunír n. “wizard, man of craft”
^curunis n. “witch”
*cútha- v. “to deceive, lie”
cŷl n. “*renewal”
cŷr adj. “renewed”
cýra- v. “to renew”
cýron n. “new-moon”
dad adv. “down”
^dâd n. “grandfather”
dadben adj. and adv. “downhill, inclined, prone; (figuratively) easy-going, easy, not arduous”
*dadhra- v. “to face, oppose, stand in way; to resist, thwart”
*dadhren adj. “opposing, facing, opposite”
*dadhren- [nd-] v. “to forget”
^dae adv. “very”
dae- [nd-] pref. “dreadful, abominable, detestable”
daebeth [nd-] n. “blasphemy”
daedelos [nd-] n. “horrible fear”
dael [nd-] n. “horror”
daen [nd-] n. “corpse”
^daer [nd-] n. “bridegroom”
daer¹ adj. “great, large”
dâf n. “permission”
dag- [nd-] v. “to slay, kill”
dagnir [nd-] n. “slayer, bane”
*dagnis n. “slayer, bane (f.)”
dagor [nd-] n. “battle”
dagra- [nd-] v. “to battle”
^dagras [nd-] n. “slaughter”
*dagrassaeb adj. “bloodthirsty, (lit.) slaughter-hungry”
*dagrassaeg n. “bloodthirstiness, (lit.) slaughter-hunger”
dail adj. “beautiful, fine, delicate, lovely”
dam [nd-] n. “hammer”
*dambed- v. “to answer”
damma- [nd-] v. “to hammer”
^dammen- [nd-] v. “to return, go back”
Dân [nd-] n. “Green-elf”
dan [nd-] prep. “back to, (back in return) against, down upon, back on, back again”
*dananna- [nd-] v. “to give back, return [something]”
dandol- [nd-] v. “to return, come back”
dangar- [nd-] v. “to undo”
dangen [nd-] adj. “slain”
dangweth [nd-] n. “answer, (lit.) *back-report”
danna- v. “to fall”
*dannad n. “falling”
dannen [nd-] n. “ebb, lowtide”
dannen adj. “fallen”
dant n. “*fall”
danwedh [nd-] n. “ransom”
dar- v. “to stop, halt”
dartha- v. “to wait, stay, remain, last, endure”
dath n. “hole, pit; steep fall, abyss”
daug [nd-] n. “warrior, soldier [with evil connotations]”
daur n. “league; †stop, pause”
*dav-¹ v. “to allow, yield, permit”
de pron. “you”
*degil [nd] n. “victor, winner”
del n. “horror”
*dêl n. “disgust”
^delch [nd-] adj. “dense”
deleb adj. “horrible, abominable, loathsome”
delia- v. “to conceal”
deloth n. “abhorrence, detestation, loathing”
^delu adj. “hateful, deadly, fell”
^dem adj. “sad, gloomy”
dern adj. “tough, thrawn”
dess n. “young woman”
dev- [nd-] v. “to try, *experiment, test”
dew- v. “to fail, miss”
^ [nd-] n. “woman, lady”
di¹ [nd-] prep. “beneath, under”
di² prep. “with, *by means of”
díhena- v. “*to forgive”
-dil suf. “friend, lover”
dîl n. “stopper, stopping, stuffing”
dilia- v. “to stop (up)”
^dim n. “gloom, sadness”
dim n. “stair”
dîn n. and adj. “silence; silent, quiet”
dîn n. “opening, gap, pass in mountains”
dínen adj. “silent”
dineth [nd-] n. “bride”
dîr¹ [nd-] n. “man, adult male; agental suffix”
dîr² adj. “hard, difficult”
dirbedui adj. “hard to utter, difficult to pronounce”
dírnaith [nd-] n. “wedge-shaped battle-formation, (lit.) man-spearhead”
-dis suf. “female agent”
dîs [nd-] n. “bride”
^dod n. “berry”
^dod- v. “to drop”
dolen adj. “hidden, secret”
dol(l) n. “head, hill”
doll [nd-] adj. “obscure, dark, dusky, hidden, secret”
dolt¹ [nd-] n. “round knob, boss”
doltha- v. “to conceal”
^dolweg [nd-] n. “mole”
^dom adj. “blind”
dond n. “fist”
donn adj. “swart, swarthy; shady, shadowy”
-dor suf. “*king, lord”
dôr [nd-] n. “land, region where certain people live, country”
dorgannas n. “shapes of the lands, *geography”
^dorgant [nd-] n. “landscape, scene, *(lit.) land-shape”
dorn adj. “tough, stiff, thrawn, obdurate”
doron n. “oak”
dortha- [nd-] v. “to dwell, stay, settle”
*dov- v. “to lie heavy”
^dovn adj. “gloomy”
^drab n. “labour, toil, irksome work”
^drab- v. “to labour, work; (impersonal) to irk, annoy”
^drabol adj. “labouring”
dram n. “heavy stroke, heavy blow”
drambor n. “clenched fist; blow with a fist; thudder”
draug n. “wolf”
^drauth adj. “weary, toilworn, tired”
^drautha- v. “to weary, tire out”
^drauthas n. “toil, weariness from labour”
^drauthol adj. “arduous, labourious”
drava- v. “to hew”
^dravn n. “hewn log”
drega- v. “to flee”
dring n. “hammer, *beater”
dringa- v. “to beat”
^drinna- v. “to turn, twist”
^drint n. “twist, wrench, turn”
n. “night, dimness; night-fall, late evening”
dúath n. “night shadow, dark/black shadow, night-shade”
*dúda- [nd-] v. “to lower [something]”
*duia- [nd-] v. “to descend, sink, set [of sun]”
^duidhrad n. “canal”
duin n. “(large) river”
duinen n. “flood, high tide”
^duiniant n. “aqueduct”
duirro n. “*river-bank”
dúlin n. “nightingale”
dûn [nd-] n. “west”
dûr [nd-] adj. “dark (with evil implications), gloomy, hellish”
^dúvad n. “supper, dinner”
dúven [nd-] n. “*western”
dýgar n. and adj. “mistaken act; doing a wrong thing”
dŷl n. “mistake”
dŷr adj. “mistaken, off point, not right”
e pron. “he”
eb prep. “?before”
-eb suf. “adjective suffix”
*eb prep. “save, except”
ech pron. “?you, yourself (singular)”
ech n. “spine”
echad n. “camp”
echad- v. “to form, make, shape, cut out, fashion; (lit.) to shape out”
echain adj. “new, built again”
echil n. “follower”
echor n. and adj. “outer circle; encircling”
echui n. “awakening”
*echuia- v. “to awaken, wake up (intran.)”
*echuida- v. “to wake up (trans.), waken, rouse”
echuir n. “early Spring, (lit.) stirring”
echuir n. “early Spring, (lit.) stirring”
*echuiru- v. “to come to life”
*ecthelorn n. “spruce, fir-tree”
-ed¹ suf. “gerund”
ed¹ prep. and pref. “out, out of, forth”
-ed² suf. “3rd person singular possessive suffix”
ed² pron. “*it”
edaid adj. “double”
eden adj. “new, begun again”
Edhel n. “Elf”
edhellen adj. “elvish”
edhelvein adj. “elven fair”
^edinor n. “anniversary day”
^edledhia- v. “to go into exile”
^edledhron n. “exile”
edlen(n) adj. “exiled”
edlon n. “outsider, stranger, *foreigner”
*edlonui adj. “foreign”
^edol n. “ivy”
edonna- v. “to beget”
edra- v. “to open (out)”
^edrain n. “*(outer) border”
edraith n. “rescue, saving”
edregol adv. “in especial, *especially”
*edren adj. “outer”
edwen num. ord. “second”
êg n. “thorn”
-eg¹ suf. “diminutive/singular ending”
-eg² suf. “2nd person singular familiar possessive suffix”
*egel adj. “other”
*egelren adj. “different, strange”
-egir suf. “2nd person plural familiar possessive suffix”
eglan adj. “forsaken”
egleria- v. “to glorify”
^eglin n. “needle”
egnas n. “sharp point, peak”
ego interj. “be off!”
^egol adv. and n. “else, something else”
egor conj. “or”
eil- v. “to rain”
ein- pref. “excellent, admirable”
einior adj. “elder”
eirien n. “daisy”
eitha-¹ v. “to prick with a sharp point, stab; to treat with scorn, insult”
eithad n. “*insult”
^eitheb adj. “thorny, *(orig.) full of points”
eithel n. “source [of water], spring, well, issue of water, fountain”
^eithela- v. “to spring, well forth, *issue forth”
^eithos n. “thorn bush”
eithro adv. “*also”
^eithron n. “*spearman”
-el suf. “2nd person singular polite possessive suffix”
êl n. “star”
elanor n. “a golden star-shaped flower, (lit.) sun-star”
Eledh n. “Elf”
elia- v. “to cause to prosper, bless (a work), help one”
*eliad n. “blessing”
*elias n. “blessedness”
-elir suf. “2nd person plural polite possessive suffix”
Ell n. “Elf”
ell n. “sky”
Elleth n. “Elf-maid”
Ellon n. “Elf-man”
elloth n. “single flower”
elo interj. “behold!”
^elu adj. “(pale) blue”
*elui adj. “starry”
^elva- v. “to marvel at, admire”
^elvain adj. “wondrous, marvelous, wonderful”
^elven n. “wonder, wonderment”
*em n. “picture, image”
emel n. “mother”
emig n. “(little) mother, *mommy”
-emir suf. “1st person plural exclusive possessive”
emlin n. “yellow bird, (lit.) yellow hammer”
^en adv. “then, that past”
en- v. “*to name”
-en¹ suf. “adjective suffix”
en¹ prep. “of the”
-en² suf. “my, 1st sg. poss. suffix”
en² pron. “1st sg pronoun”
^enaidh adj. “central, middle”
^enas n. “title”
-enc suf. “our (inclusive), 1st pl. incl. poss. suffix”
enchui num. ord. “sixth”
*ened adv. “moreover”
enedh n. “centre, middle; core”
*enedhren adj. “central, essential”
eneg num. card. “six”
*enephaen num. card. “sixty”
eneth n. “*name”
*enia- v. “to be born, be generated, result”
ennas adv. “there”
*ennen adj. “named”
ennin n. “Valian year”
eno adv. “*still”
-ent suf. “their, 3rd pl. poss. suffix”
ent pron. “they, 3rd pl. pronoun”
*enweria- v. “to revere”
^enwiol adj. “nominal”
ephed- v. “to say out”
ephel n. “outer fence, surrounding ring”
ephola- v. “?to remember”
er adj. “one, alone”
erch n. “prickle”
ercha- v. “to prick”
*erchion adj. “orchish”
ereb adj. “single, alone, lonely, isolated”
eredh n. “seed, germ”
ereg n. “holly, holly-tree”
eregdos n. “holly, holly-tree”
^ereth n. “solitude, oneness, loneliness”
eria- v. “to rise”
*eriad n. “rising”
erin ? “on the ... day”
eriol adj. “single, alone”
*erlu adv. “once, one time”
ernil n. “prince”
ero adv. “*only, alone”
ertha- v. “to unite”
*erthad n. “union, uniting”
*Eru n. “God”
eru n. “waste, desert”
eryn n. “wood, forest (of trees)”
*erynor n. “forest-fire”
esbin n. “thin thread, tress”
*escar n. “weapon”
esgal n. “veil, screen, hiding; cast shadow, shade”
*esgia- v. “to smoke (intr.)”
est¹ pron. “he, she, it, 3rd sg. pronoun”
esta- v. “to be called”
*estannen adj. “named, called”
estel n. “hope, trust, *faith [in]”
esten(t) adj. “short”
estolad n. “encampment”
-eth suf. “feminine ending”
*eth n. “outside”
^ethia- v. “to ease, assist”
ethir¹ n. “mouth of a river, (lit.) outflow”
ethir² n. “spy”
*ethiria- v. “to flow out”
*ethog- v. “to lead out, *bring out”
*etholtha- v. “to extract, make come out”
ethuil n. “spring [the season]”
fae n. “incarnate spirit, *soul”
*faefelf n. “soul-feeling, *emotion”
^faeg adj. “mean, poor, bad”
fael¹ n. and adj. “gleam of the sun; *gleaming”
fael² adj. “fair-minded, just, generous”
*faelas n. “fairness, equity”
faer n. “spirit (in general)”
*faergol n. “depression, grief, (lit.) spirit-burden”
fain adj. and n. “dim, dimmed; filmy, fine-woven; *gossamer, thin (of cloth); (vague) apparition”
fair adj. “quick, ready, prompt”
falas n. “beach, shore, strand, surf(line)”
falch n. “cleft, ravine”
^falchon n. “great two-handed sword, twibill”
falf n. “foam, breaker, wave”
faloth n. “large foamy wave”
faltha- v. “to foam”
fân n. “(white) cloud; veil; shape, vision”
fang n. “beard”
fanna- v. “to veil, cloak”
fanui adj. “cloudy, (lit.) having much cloud”
fanwos n. “mind-picture (of apparition in dream)”
far adj. and adv. “sufficient, enough, quite”
fara- v. “to hunt”
*farad n. “[act of] hunting”
faras n. “hunting”
farf n. “?carpet”
farn adj. “enough”
faron n. “hunter”
*fartha- v. “to sate, satisfy”
*farthannen v. “sated, satisfied”
*farthas n. “satiety, satisfaction”
fast n. “shaggy hair”
*fastui n. “hairy, hirsute”
faug adj. “thirsty”
*faul¹ n. “bladder, (orig.) inflated thing”
^faus(t) n. “thirst”
faw n. “*breath, puff of breath”
*faw- v. “to puff, blow, pant”
Feir n. “Mortal, mortal man”
feira- v. “to suffice”
*fel- v. “to feel (a sensation or emotion)”
fela n. “mine, boring, tunnel, underground dwelling”
*felaich n. “splash”
*felechia- v. “to splash”
feleg n. “cave, mine, underground dwelling”
*felf n. “feeling, sensation”
fen(n) n. “door; threshold”
fennas n. “doorway, great door”
fêr n. “beech-tree”
feredir n. “hunter”
*feredis n. “hunter (f.)”
fergar adj. “soon done”
fergenol adj. “quick to see or perceive, sharp-sighted or witted”
feria- v. “to make ready (promptly)”
fern adj. and n. “dead person; dead (of mortals)”
ferui adj. “ready to hand, (quickly) available”
^fervain adj. “northern”
^fidhras n. “collective hair, *all hair on the body”
^fidhren adj. “having hair, -haired”
fileg n. “small bird, *sparrow”
fim adj. “slender, slim”
fîn n. “(single) hair, filament”
^finc n. “trick”
find n. “tress, lock of hair”
findel adj. and n. “having fine or beautiful hair; (head of) hair, fax, mass of long hair”
fing n. “lock of hair”
^finna- v. “to trick, deceive, cheat, take in”
fir- v. “to fade, die”
Fíreb n. “Mortal”
fíreb adj. “mortal”
Firieth n. “(Female) Mortal”
firin adj. “dying, mortal”
Firion n. “(Male) Mortal”
firith n. “fading; [late] autumn”
flâd n. “skin”
flinc n. “finch”
foen n. “long sight”
^fôph n. “fool”
*fophas n. “folly”
*fophren adj. “foolish”
forn adj. “north, right”
forn(en) adj. “closed”
forod n. “north”
forodren adj. “northern”
forvo n. “right hand, right side”
n. “path”
fuia- v. “to feel disgust at, abhor”
fuin n. “night, gloom, darkness, dead of night”
*fuiol adj. “disgusting”
^fuvril n. “moth”
^gach n. “cow”
gad- v. “to catch”
*gadas n. “trap”
gador n. “prison, dungeon”
gae n. “dread”
gaear n. “sea”
gaearon n. “ocean, (lit.) great sea”
gael adj. “pale, glimmering”
gaer¹ adj. “awful, fearful, dreadful”
^gaeruil n. “seaweed”
^gaes n. “steel”
^gaethren adj. “like steel, *of steel”
^gaew adj. “pregnant”
gail adj. “bright, light”
gal- [ng-] v. “to shine clear, shine golden as the Sun”
gala- v. “to grow”
galad [ng-] n. “radiance, glittering reflection”
galadh n. “tree”
galadhremmen adj. “tree-meshed”
galas n. “plant, growth [of plants]”
Galbedir n. “Talking Tree”
^galen adj. “grown (esp. of plants)”
galenas n. “pipeweed, nicotiana, *tobacco”
*galenathrod n. “[smoking] pipe”
^galf n. “back (from shoulder to shoulder), shoulders”
*galtha- v. “to be glad”
^galu n. “increase, growth”
galvorn n. “type of dark metal devised by Eöl, (lit.) *shining-black”
gammas n. “s-sign”
gamp n. “hook, crook; claw”
^ganna- v. “to gain, profit, increase; to be profitable, bring in revenue”
gann(ad)a- [ng-] v. “to play a harp”
^gannan adj. “waxen, grown big, grown up, adult, [originally?] large”
gannel [ng-] n. “harp”
^gant adv. “larger, greater, more, (lit.) increased”
gar- v. “to hold, have, *possess”
garaf [ng-] n. “wolf”
gardh n. “region”
gardhon n. “province”
garn n. “‘own’, property”
*garnen adj. “own, held, possessed”
garth n. “fort, fortress”
^gartha- v. “to defend”
gas n. “hole, gap”
gasdil n. “stopgap”
gaud n. “device, contrivance, machine”
*gauda- v. “to invent, originate, devise”
^gaug adj. “clumsy”
gaul [ng-] n. “wolfhowl”
gaur [ng-] n. “werewolf”
gaw n. “void”
gaw- [ng-] v. “to howl”
gawad [ng-] adj. “howling”
*gelia- [ng-] v. “to learn”
gelir adj. “merry”
gell n. “joy, triumph”
*gella- v. “to rejoice, delight”
gellam n. “jubilation”
gellui adj. “triumphant”
gem adj. “sickly”
genedia- v. “to reckon”
genediad n. “reckoning”
gern adj. “worn, old, decrepit (of things)”
gil [ng-] n. “star; (bright) spark, silver glint, twinkle of light”
^gil- [ng-] v. “to gleam, shine pale and silver (as of the moon [or stars])”
gildin n. “silver spark”
gilith n. “starlight”
gir- v. “to shudder”
girith n. “shuddering; horror”
Girithron n. “December, *Shuddering-one”
glad n. “wood”
gladh- v. “to laugh [at a joke], *guffaw”
*gladhweg adj. “cheerful, (lit.) apt to laugh”
glae n. “grass”
^glaen adj. “serene, clear, fair (espec. of weather)”
*glaenas n. “serenity, fair weather”
glaer n. “long lay, narrative poem”
glaew n. “ointment, salve”
*glaich adj. “merry, joyous, happy”
glam n. “din, uproar, bellowing of beasts, shouting, confused noise; barbarous speech”
glamog n. “orc”
glân¹ adj. “[bright shining] white; clear; pure, †bright”
glân² n. “hem, border”
glandagol n. “boundary mark”
glan(n) n. “boundary”
^glanna- v. “to cleanse, purify, purge, *to clear, make clear”
^glannaith n. “cleanliness, purity”
*glannas n. “purification”
^glannen adj. “cleanly, pure”
glass n. “joy, *happiness”
*glassui adj. “joyful, happy”
^glast n. “marble”
*glasta-¹ n. “to joke”
*glasta-² n. “to make happy”
^glathren adj. “marble”
*glaudh n. “joke, jest”
glaur n. “gold [light or colour]”
glavra- v. “to babble”
^glavradeb adj. “full of the din of voices”
^glavradol adj. “chattering, talkative”
^glavradon adj. “vain talker, *chatterbox”
^glavras n. “babble, chatter, babel, din of voices”
glavrol adj. “babbling”
glaw n. “sunshine; radiance”
glawar n. “gold (light or colour); sunlight, radiance (of Laurelin)”
gleina- v. “to bound, enclose, limit”
*gleinannen adj. “bounded, enclosed, limited”
glenna- v. “*to travel”
glî n. “honey”
^glidheb adj. “like honey”
glim n. “voice, *utterance”
gling- v. “to hang, dangle”
glîn(n) n. “gleam, glint”
glintha- v. “to glance (at)”
*glinthad n. “look, glance, flash of the eye”
glir- v. “to sing, recite poem”
glîr n. “song, poem, lay”
^glist n. “sugar”
*glodhren adj. “jocular”
glóriel adj. “golden”
glórin adj. “golden”
^glorpharth n. “buttercup, (lit.) meadow gold”
gloss adj. “(dazzling) white, snow-white, clear white”
*glosta- v. “to snow”
glosui adj. “snow white”
glûdh n. “soap”
go- pref. “together, co-, com-”
gobel n. “(walled) village, town (enclosure); walled house, *manor”
*gobem n. “mouth”
gobennas n. “history”
gobennathren adj. “historical”
*gobeth n. “dictionary”
*gochel n. “mass of ice”
^godref adv. “abreast; *together-through”
goe n. “terror, great fear, dread”
goeol adj. “*fell, terrible, dire”
gohena- v. “*to forgive”
*goianna- v. “to join with, add to”
*golain n. “connection, relation, context, (lit.) threadage”
golas n. “foliage, collection of leaves”
*golbar [ng-] n. “school, university, (lit.) wisdom-house”
golf n. “branch”
goll [ng-] adj. “wise”
gollor [ng-] n. “magician”
Golodh [ng-] n. “one of the wise folk, Noldo”
Golodh [ng-] n. “one of the wise folk, Gnome”
golodh [ng-] n. “lore-master, sage”
goloth n. “inflorescence, collection of flowers”
*goltha- [ng-] v. “to teach, educate, tutor, (lit.) make knowledgable”
*golthannen adj. “learned, educated”
*golthanneth n. “teaching, lesson”
*golthas n. “education, erudition”
^†golu [ng-] n. “lore, *wisdom”
golwen [ng-] adj. “wise, learned in deep arts”
-gon suf. “lord, prince; valour”
gonathra- v. “to entangle, enmesh”
gonathras n. “entanglement”
gond n. “stone, rock, stone (as a material)”
gondram n. “hewn stone”
gondren adj. “*of stone”
*gonneb adj. “rocky”
^gonnos n. “great rock”
^gonnoth n. “pillar, stele, memorial”
gonod- v. “to count (up)”
*gonoded n. “counting, accounting”
gor [ng-] n. “horror, dread, fear”
gor-¹ pref. “hard, difficult”
gor-² v. “to warn, urge”
*goras n. “advice”
gorbedui adj. “only to be said with horror or grief, lamentable to tell”
*gorchanui adj. “complicated, enigmatic, cryptic, hard to understand”
gordh adj. “difficult, laborious”
^goredhen adj. “sib, akin, [closely] related”
gorf n. “impetus, vigor”
gorgor [ng-] n. “extreme horror, terror, haunting fear”
gorgor [ng-] adj. “dreadful”
gorn adj. “impetuous”
gorn¹ [ng-] adj. “revered”
gorn² adj. “hard, stiff, thrawn”
gornodui adj. “hard to count”
gorog n. “horror”
goroth [ng-] n. “horror, dread”
gorth¹ [ng-] n. “dead (person)”
gorthad [ng-] n. “wraith, spirit of Dead”
gorthob [ng-] adj. “horrible”
gost n. “dread, terror”
gosta- v. “to fear exceedingly”
^govaethas n. “government”
*govai adj. and adv. “alike, similar”
^govod n. “companionship, living together; community, fellowship, *(orig.) eating-together”
gowest n. “contract, compact, treaty”
^gratha- v. “to rub, scratch, fray”
^graw adj. “dark, swart”
^grest n. “aid, support, help, succour”
^gresta- v. “to aid, help, succour, support”
groga- v. “to feel terror”
grond adj. “weighty, ponderous”
grond n. “club”
groth n. “large excavation, delving, underground dwelling; cave, tunnel”
gruin adj. “ruddy”
gruitha- v. “to terrify”
^gui adv. “just, just now, only just, already”
gûl [ng-] n. “black arts, sorcery, (evil) knowledge, magic”
guldur [ng-] n. “black arts, sorcery”
gûr n. “heart (inner mind)”
gurgof n. “traitor”
gurth [ng-] n. “death”
guru [ng-] n. “death (abstract)”
guruthos [ng-] n. “death-horror, shadow of death, fear of death”
gwa-² pref. “*away”
*gwabeth n. “sentence, phrase”
^gwachae adj. “far away”
gwador n. “(sworn) brother, associate”
*gwadoras n. “union, association, fellowship, society”
gwae- v. “to go [depart]”
gwaeda- v. “to enfold”
gwaedh n. “bond, troth, compact, oath”
*gwaef n. “wrap, binding”
^gwael n. “sheath, case, cover; pod”
*gwaelphilin n. “quiver, (lit.) case of arrows”
^gwaeren adj. “windy”
Gwaeron n. “March, *Windy-one”
gwae(w) n. “[strong] wind, *gale”
gwain¹ adj. “young, *new”
gwain² adj. “fair-haired (yellow to golden), *blond”
gwaith n. “people, men, folk; manhood; man-power, troop of able bodied men, host, regiment; region”
^gwalir n. “rhyme, rime (the two actual rhyming words), rhyming poem”
*gwall adj. “excited”
gwaloth n. “blossom, collection of flowers”
gwanath n. “death (act of dying)”
gwann adj. “departed, dead”
gwanna- v. “to depart, die”
gwanod n. “number”
^gwanos n. “family, birth, heredity”
^gwanu n. “death (act of dying)”
gwanunig n. “twin”
gwanur n. “kinsman, kinswoman”
*gwanuren adj. “of same kindred, akin”
*gwanwas n. “the past, past days, olden times”
gwanwen adj. “departed, *gone, lost [to time], past”
^gwaren n. “[nuclear] family”
gwarth n. “betrayer”
gwass n. “stain”
gwastar n. “hummock”
gwath n. “shadow, dim light, shade”
gwath² n. “stain”
gwatha- v. “to soil, stain”
gwathel n. “[sworn] sister, associate [f.]”
gwathra- v. “to overshadow, dim, veil, obscure”
gwathren adj. “shadowy, dim”
gwathui adj. “*shadowy”
gwaun n. “goose”
gwaur adj. “soiled, dirty”
*gwe pron. “we (inclusive)”
gwê n. “living creature”
gwe n. “man, warrior”
gwedh n. “bond”
gwedh- v. “to bind”
*gwedhen adj. “oath-bound, allied”
*gwedhron n. “ally, one bound by oath”
^gwef n. “louse”
^gwel- v. “to boil, bubble (intr.)”
^gwelch n. “bubble”
^gweleb adj. “cool, fresh (esp. of water)”
^gweleth n. “boil, bubble”
^gweltha- v. “to squeeze, press”
^gwelu n. “air (as a substance)”
gwelwen n. “air, lower air”
^gwemmel n. “weevil”
*gwen pron. “us (inclusive)”
gwend n. “maiden”
gwend n. “bond, friendship”
*gwendren adj. “maidenly, girlish”
gweneth n. “maidenhood, virginity”
^gwennod n. “elder tree; elderberry, *(lit.) maiden berry”
*gwenwi n. “past, past tense”
gweria- v. “to betray”
gwest n. “oath”
gwesta- v. “to swear”
gweth n. “*report”
^gwîb n. “teors, *penis”
*gwidhren adj. “adolescent”
^gwil- v. “to fly”
gwilith n. “air (as a region)”
^gwiltha- v. “to air, expose to air”
*gwilwa- v. “to flutter, flit”
gwilwileth n. “butterfly”
*gwilwist n. “weather”
*gwimmam n. “whale, (lit.) sheep of the waves”
*gwîn pron. “our (inclusive)”
gwîn n. “youth”
*gwineb adj. “youthful”
gwing n. “foam, spray, spindrift; wave-crest”
^gwingil n. “mermaid, (lit.) foam maiden”
gwinig n. “little-one, baby”
^gwir- v. “to weave”
^gwiril n. “spindle”
Gwirith n. “April, *Freshness”
*gwirphin n. “braid, pigtail, (lit.) woven-tress”
*gwirthar n. “shuttle, (lit.) weave-across”
*gwist n. “change”
*gwista- v. “to change, alter, vary”
*gwistanneth n. “alteration, variation”
*gwistol adj. “changing, varying, variable”
*gýda- v. “to impregnate”
^gŷl adj. “fecund; conceiving, having conceived, just pregnant”
^gŷth n. “germ, foetus, embryon”
^gythra- v. “to germinate, be conceived”
^gythren adj. “embryonic”
hab- v. “to clothe”
habad n. “shoe”
^hach n. “the hams, buttocks”
had- v. “to hurl, *fling; throw at”
^hadang n. “javelin, (lit.) hurling iron”
^hadh- v. “to sit”
hâdh n. “*cleaver”
Hadhod n. “Dwarf”
hadhu n. “seat, *chair”
hadhwa- v. “to seat”
^hadlath n. “sling”
hador n. “thrower (of spears and darts)”
hadron n. “thrower (of spears and darts)”
hae adj. and adv. “far, (very) far away”
haedh n. “fenced enclosure”
haer adj. “remote, *distant”
haered n. “remoteness, (remote) distance”
haeron adj. “*distant”
haew n. “custom, habit”
^hair n. and adj. “left (hand)”
hal- v. “to lift”
hâl n. “fish”
half n. “seashell”
hall¹ adj. “veiled, hidden, shadowed, shady”
hall² adj. “exalted, high”
*hallas n. “height”
haltha- v. “to screen”
hamma- v. “to clothe”
hammad n. “clothing, *clothes”
*hammen adj. “clad”
hamp n. “garment”
hanar n. “brother”
^hand adj. “intelligent”
*hanna- v. “to thank”
*hannad n. “thanks”
hannas n. “understanding, intelligence”
*hannen adj. “seated”
^hant n. “throw, cast; turn or move in games”
harad n. “south”
haradren adj. “southern”
harn adj. “south, southern”
harn² adj. “wounded”
harna- v. “to wound”
hartha- v. “to hope”
harthad n. “hope”
^haru n. “wound”
harvo n. “left hand, left side”
hast n. “axe-stroke”
hasta- v. “to hack through, *cleave”
hathel n. “broadsword-blade, axe-blade”
hathol n. “axe”
*hauda- v. “to cover up, hide away, lay in store; to hoard, save, record; to bury”
haudh n. “(funeral) mound, grave, tomb; [orig.] heap, piled mound”
^haug adj. “low”
haust n. “bed”
*hav- v. “to pray”
^haw- v. “to lie”
hawn n. “brother”
he pron. “she”
heb- v. “to keep”
*hebia- v. “to delay, retain, keep (temporarily)”
*hedril n. “thrower (f.)”
^hel- v. “to freeze”
helch adj. “bitter cold, ice-cold, icy”
heledh n. “glass”
*heledhren adj. “glassy, like glass, of glass”
heledir(n) n. “kingsfisher, (lit.) fish-watcher”
heleg n. “ice”
*helen adj. “frozen”
heleth n. “fur, fur-coat”
helf n. “fur, *hide”
hell¹ adj. “naked, *stripped”
heltha- v. “to strip, *flay, peel skin; *to despoil, make bare”
^hemp n. “cord”
hen n. “eye”
hên n. “child”
*hendelu n. “brow”
henia- v. “to understand”
*henna- v. “to read”
henneth n. “window”
^hent n. “eyesight, *(sense of) sight”
herdir n. “master”
^herf n. “protection, lordship, sway”
heria- v. “to begin suddenly and vigorously”
heron n. “lord, master”
herth n. “household, troop”
herven n. “husband”
herves n. “wife”
heryn n. “lady”
^hesg adj. “withered”
^hethu adj. “foggy, obscure, vague”
adv. “now”
*hída- v. “to (come to) pass, happen”
hîl n. “heir”
^hilu coll. “posterity; one’s descendents, progeny, offspring”
^hilvias n. “inheritance, heritage”
him¹ adv. and adj. “ever, enduring, continually; steadfast, abiding”
him² adj. “cool”
*hinia- v. “to stick to, adhere, cleave to, abide by”
*hir- v. “to find, *light on, chance on”
hîr n. “lord, master”
híril n. “lady”
hîth n. “mist”
hithlain n. “mist thread, grey elvish rope”
hithren adj. “grey”
^hithu n. “fog”
Hithui n. “November, *Misty-one”
hithui adj. “misty”
hiw adj. “sticky, viscous”
*hlab n. “sip”
^hlab- v. “to sup, lap up, suck, *sip”
(h)lô n. “flood, fenland”
ho pron. “he”
hobas n. “harbourage”
^hogren adj. “lowly, humble, mean”
*hol- v. “to close”
hol- v. “to close, shut”
*holl n. “cock”
hollen adj. “closed, shut”
honeg n. “brother (diminutive)”
*hora- v. “to await, expect”
horn adj. “driven under compulsion, impelled (to do something)”
hortha- v. “to urge on, speed”
host n. “gross (144)”
^hosta- v. “to gather, collect”
hoth n. “host, horde”
^hothron n. “captain”
n. “dog”
huan n. “great dog, hound”
hûb n. “haven, harbour, small landlocked bay”
hûd n. “assembly, *gathering, moot”
*húda- v. “to curse”
*huia- v. “to urge on”
^huil n. “bitch, *female dog”
hûl n. “cry of encouragement in battle”
hûn n. “heart (physical)”
^hunc n. “pig”
huorn n. “?Spirit Tree”
hûr n. “readiness for action, vigour, fiery spirit”
^hwand n. “sponge, fungus”
^hwest n. “puff, breath, breeze”
^hwîn n. “giddyness, faintness”
^hwind n. “eddy”
^hwinia- v. “to twirl, whirl, eddy”
^hwiniol adj. “whirling, giddy, mad, fantastic”
hwinn n. “birch”
-i suf. “adjectival suffix”
*î interj. “indeed”
article. “the”
pron. “who, that, indefinite indeclinable relative particle”
n. “chasm, pit; void, abyss; gulf”
iach n. “ford”
*iâd¹ n. “waist, isthmus”
*iaeda- v. “to mock, deride, make fun of, laugh at”
iaeth n. “neck”
iaew n. “mocking, scorn”
*iaewen adj. “scornful”
*iaf n. “fruit”
ial n. “*cry, shout”
ialla- v. “to call”
^ialt n. “yoke”
^ialtha- v. “to yoke”
-ian(d) suf. “-land”
*ianna- v. “to join, connect”
*iannen adj. “joined, connected”
iant n. “bridge”
iath n. “fence”
iau¹ n. “corn, *cereal crop”
iau² n. “ravine, cleft, gulf”
iaun adj. “wide, extensive, large, roomy, vast, huge”
iaun n. “holy place, fane, sanctuary, *shrine, temple”
iaur adj. “old; ancient, olden”
^iaust n. “crop, yield, produce”
^iav- v. “to produce, yield, bear fruit”
iavas n. “autumn, *harvest”
^iavren adj. “fertile”
îdh n. “rest, repose, peace, tranquility”
^idhor adj. “thoughtfulness”
idhren adj. “pondering, wise, thoughtful”
^idhrinn n. “year, (lit.) *year-circle”
*idith n. “itch”
*idithen adj. “itching”
*idithia- v. “to itch, irritate”
-iel¹ suf. “feminine suffix; daughter”
-iel² suf. “adjective suffix”
-iel³ suf. “perfective-participle”
iell n. “daughter”
-ien suf. “feminine ending”
iest n. “wish”
*iesta-¹ v. “to begin”
*iesta-² v. “to wish”
*iestor n. “first day of the new year”
îf n. “cliff, sheer descent”
-il suf. “feminine suffix”
il adj. “*all”
ilaurui adj. “*daily”
*ilhad pron. “everywhere”
*illad n. “everything”
*illadui adj. “general”
*ilnad pron. “everything”
*ilphen pron. “everyone”
im pron. “I”
im¹ pron. “I, I myself; reflexive, self(same)”
im² prep. “between”
im³ n. “valley; dell, deep vale”
*imeneth n. “namesake, (lit.) same name”
imlad n. “deep valley, narrow valley with steep sides, gap, gully, dell, glen”
imrad n. “path or pass between mountains or trackless forest, (lit.) *valley path”
imrath n. “long narrow valley with road or watercourse running through it lengthwise, (lit.) *valley course”
în¹ n. “year”
în² pron. “his, *reflexive possessive = his own”
inc n. “guess, idea, notion”
ind n. “some particular purpose or intention of an individual; heart, inner thought, meaning”
ingem adj. “old (in mortal sense), suffering from old age, decrepit, (lit.) year-sick”
ínias n. “annals”
innas n. “*will”
^inu adj. “female”
*inwas n. “feminity, womanhood”
*inwathren adj. “feminine”
io adv. “ago”
iolf n. “brand”
-(i)on suf. “adjectival suffix”
-ion¹ suf. “-son”
-ion² suf. “-region, -land”
ion(n) n. “son, *boy”
iôr n. “course”
iphant adj. “aged, having lived long, (lit.) year-full”
*íphathred n. “yearfullness, age of person”
-ir suf. “past of intransitive verbs”
ir conj. “?when, while”
î(r) pron. “impersonal plural pronoun”
îr n. “*sexual desire”
^irth n. “beak”
^irtha- v. “to peck”
írui adj. “desirable, lovely”
ist n. “lore, knowledge”
ista- v. “to have knowledge, know”
*istanna- v. “to teach, lecture, explain, (lit.) give knowledge”
*istoneth n. “teacher (f.), (lit.) knowledge giver”
*istonor n. “teacher (f.), (lit.) knowledge giver”
istui adj. “learned”
Ithil n. “Moon”
ithildin n. “magical alloy that glows in moonlight, (lit.) moon-star”
ithron n. “Wizard”
iuith n. “use”
iuitha- v. “to employ”
iûl n. “embers”
Ivanneth n. “September, *Yavanna-ness”
laba- v. “to hop”
lach n. “(leaping) flame”
lacha- v. “to flame”
*lad n. “nothing, zero”
lad n. “plain”
*lad- v. “to stretch, extend (in length)”
laden adj. “flat, *level, flat and wide; open, cleared; fair, equitable”
^ladog n. “tin (metal)”
^lae n. “great number”
*lae- v. “to not be”
*laed n. “colour”
*laeda- v. “to refresh, revive”
laeg adj. “green, viridis, green (of leaves/herbiage), fresh”
^laeg adj. “keen, sharp, acute”
^laegas n. “verdure, greenness”
*laeglin(n) n. “greenfinch”
laer¹ n. “summer”
laer² n. “song”
^laeth adj. “lost”
^laetha- v. “to let slip, lose, mislay; (intr.) to be lost”
laew adj. “fresh”
^laew adj. “frequent, many”
*laeweth n. “freshness”
^lagor adj. “swift, rapid”
laich adj. “sweet”
lain n. “thread, warp, twine”
^lain adj. “free(d)”
lala- v. “to laugh”
lalaith n. “laughter”
*lall n. “laugh”
*lallen adj. “funny, amusing”
*laltha- n. “to amuse, make laugh”
*lalweg adj. “cheerful”
lam¹ n. “(physical) tongue; language”
lam² n. “echo”
lamma- v. “to echo”
lammad n. “*echoing”
lammen adj. “of tongue, spoken with tongue”
*lanad n. “weft, woof”
lanc¹ n. “sharp edge (not of tools), sudden end”
lanc² adj. “naked”
land adj. “wide, broad; open space, level”
lang n. “passage; neck, *throat”
^lang n. “cutlass, sword”
*lann n. “thin cloth, tissue”
^lant n. “clearing in the forest”
lanthir n. “waterfall”
*lanu n. “loom”
^laph n. “loose-end, end of rope, hem of robe”
lass n. “leaf”
*last n. “(sense of) hearing”
lasta- v. “to listen, give ear”
*lastad n. “listening, hearkening, attention”
*lastadui adj. “audible”
lasto interj. “listen, *hark”
^lath n. “thong of (?leather)”
^lathr(ad)a- v. “to listen in, eavesdrop”
^lathron n. “hearer, listener, eavesdropper”
^laudh n. “gluttonous eating, licking up (food or drink)”
^laug adj. “warm”
^laus n. “hair”
^lav- v. “to lick”
lavan n. “animal”
*lavor n. “flock, herd”
^lavra- v. “to lap (of animals), suck up”
*law¹ n. “sound”
le pron. “thee, you (polite)”
^leb- v. “to pick, pluck, take or feel or touch with fingers, cull”
lebdas n. “index finger”
leben num. card. “five”
lebenedh n. “middle finger”
lebent n. “fourth finger”
leber n. “finger”
*leberen adj. “fingered, of fingers”
lebethras n. “Gondorian tree”
lebethron n. “Gondorian hardwood, (lit.) *finger tree”
lebig n. “little finger”
ledh- v. “to go, *travel, journey”
*ledil n. “key”
legol adj. “[Ilk.] nimble, active, running free”
*leidhron n. “liberator, saviour”
*leinas n. “freedom, liberty”
leithia- v. “to release, set free”
leithian n. “release from bondage, release, freeing”
lembas n. “waybread, journey-bread”
^lemma- v. “to beckon, crook the finger”
^lend adj. “tuneful, sweet”
*lenia- v. “to sound, make a noise”
*lephaen num. card. “fifty”
lest n. “girdle, *belt”
^lethril n. “hearer, listener, eavesdropper (f.)”
leutha- v. “to pick (up/out)”
*levn adj. “left behind”
levnui num. ord. “fifth”
leweg n. “worm”
*lhae- v. “to hear”
^lhaew adj. “sick, sickly, ill”
^lhain adj. “lean, thin, meagre”
^lhê n. “fine thread, spider filament”
lheweg n. “ear”
^lhid- v. “to sort out, sift, sieve, discriminate”
^lhîd n. “seive”
*lhig- v. “to creep, sneak, do or go by stealth”
^lhind adj. “fine, slender”
^lhing n. “spider’s web, cobweb”
^lhingril n. “spider”
*lhinnas n. “slenderness, thinness”
^lhîw n. “sickness, disease”
lhoer n. “venom, poison(ousness)”
*lhoereb adj. “venomous, poisonous”
lhoew n. “poison(ous substance)”
lhôn n. “noise, *sound”
^lhoss n. “whispering or rustling sound”
*lhossa- v. “to whisper, rustle”
lhûg n. “snake, serpent, reptile, worm; dragon”
*lhung n. “pharynx, gullet”
*lhýda- v. “to make sick, sicken”
n. “people (of one kind or origin)”
*lîdh n. “journey”
lîf n. “link, *joint”
*lîg n. “wax”
*lígu n. “candle”
^lilt n. “dance”
^liltha- v. “to dance”
^lim n. “fish”
lim¹ adj. “quick, swift”
lim² adj. “clear, sparkling”
^limig n. “[small] drop”
^limlug n. “fish-dragon, sea-serpent”
*limmeg n. “young of fish, small fry”
^limmid(a)- v. “to moisten”
^limp adj. “wet”
lín pron. “*thy”
lîn n. “pool, mere”
lind¹ n. “song, chant, singing”
linna- v. “to sing, chant”
*linnas n. “music”
*linnathren adj. “musical”
linnod n. “type of poem, (lit.) ?seven-chant”
*linnor n. “singer”
lîr n. “line, row”
lisg n. “reed, sedge”
liss adj. “fragrant”
lissuin n. “a fragrant flower”
^list n. “grace, favour, kindness”
*lista- v. “to show grace, kindness”
*listo interj. “please!”
lith n. “ash; sand”
lithui adj. “ashen, ashy, of ash”
^liv- v. “to drip”
*lo conj. “while”
^lob- v. “to gallop, *lope”
lobor n. “horse”
*loboth n. “rabbit, hare”
^lobrob n. “gallop; sound of horse’s feet”
^loch n. “ringlet”
^loda- v. “to float”
loen adj. “soaking wet, swamped”
*loera- v. “to stoop, bow, cower; to submit”
^loeth n. “twist, tendril, spiral, coil”
^loetha- v. “to curl, bend, wind, twine”
*loew n. “moss”
*log- v. “to haul, drag, pull, draw”
*logeb adj. “meandering, twisting, winding, intracite, (lit.) full of bends”
*loged n. “draught, draft, drawing (of fishes etc.)”
^logren adj. “curled, curly, *bending, looping”
^logrifidhren adj. “curly haired”
^lom adj. “weary, *tired”
^lonc n. “curl”
lond n. “(land-locked) haven; narrow path, strait, pass”
lonnas n. “harbourage”
^lor- v. “to sleep, slumber”
*lóran n. “seasonal year, (lit.) growth-cycle”
^lorn adj. “asleep”
^lortha- v. “to put to sleep, send to sleep”
loss n. “snow”
lossen adj. “snowy”
lost adj. “empty”
^losta-¹ v. “to bloom, blossom”
*lostad n. “blooming”
loth n. “flower, single blossom”
lotheg n. “single flower, *floret”
Lothron n. “May, *Flower-ness”
loven adj. “echoing”
^ n. “time, occasion”
*lûb n. “fat, (fat) flesh”
^lúda- v. “to pass (of time); to come to pass, occur”
^lûg n. “bend, loop, wind, twist; guile, deceit”
*luig n. “minute, moment”
luin adj. “blue”
luithia- v. “to quench”
^lum n. “shade, *area with obscured light; [dark] cloud”
^lummor n. “foul weather, *weather”
^lumren n. “shady, overcast”
lung adj. “heavy; grave, serious”
^lunt n. “boat”
^lûr n. “sleep, slumber”
*lurlos n. “poppy, (lit.) flower of sleep”
lûth n. “inflorescense, mass of flowers (on one plant)”
^lûth n. “spell, charm, magic”
^lútha- v. “to enchant”
*lúthad n. “enchantments, sorcery”
lŷg n. “snake”
ma interj. “good, excellent, that’s right”
^mab- v. “to seize, *grasp, grab”
mâb n. “hand, grasp”
*mabed- v. “to ask [a question]”
^mablanthas n. “sycamore”
^mabren adj. “handed, having hands, dextrous”
^mabrenas adj. “dexterity”
mad- v. “to eat”
^mâd n. “meal”
madha n. “mud”
*madhren adj. “muddy”
*madui adj. “edible”
madweg adj. “gluttonous”
mae adv. and adj. “well; excellent, admirable”
^mae² adj. “soft, pliant”
^maeas n. “dough”
maecheneb adj. “sharp-eye[d]”
maed¹ adj. “shapely, *pretty”
maed² adj. “handy, skillful, skilled”
*maedol adj. and n. “welcome”
maeg adj. “piercing, sharp, *penetrating”
*maegra- v. “to sharpen”
mael adj. “well”
^mael¹ n. “lust”
^mael² n. and adj. “stain; stained”
maelig n. “wealth, abundance”
*maeligeb adj. “wealthy, rich”
^maelui adj. “lustful”
maen adj. “skilled, clever”
maen n. “a treasure”
maenas n. “craft, handicraft, art”
*maenor n. “craftsman”
maer adj. “good, excellent, fair; useful, fit, good (of things)”
maeron n. “artist, poet”
maeth n. “management”
maeth n. “fight, battle”
maetha- v. “to handle, manage, wield, use, treat, deal with”
maetha- v. “to fight”
^maethas n. “control, *authority”
^maetheb adj. “having control or authority”
maethor n. “warrior”
maew n. “gull”
mâf [mb-] n. “pile or mass of rock or earth”
*maga- v. “to forge metal”
magor n. “swordsman”
maidh adj. “pale, fallow, fawn [light yellowish tan color]”
main adj. “prime, chief, pre-eminent”
*mair adj. “precious”
^maith n. “goal, intention”
^mâl n. “pollen, yellow powder”
malen adj. “yellow, yellowish”
mallen adj. “golden, of gold”
mallorn n. “gold tree, yellow tree”
mallos n. “golden flower”
*mallú adv. “when, (orig.) what time”
malt n. “gold (as metal)”
malthen adj. “of gold”
^malthos n. “butter cup”
^malu adj. “fallow, pale”
^mam n. “grandmother”
man pron. “*what, who”
mân n. “departed spirit”
manadh n. “doom, final end, fate, fortune; final bliss”
^mang n. “butter”
^mann n. “food”
matha- v. “to stroke, feel, handle”
*mathad n. “handling, feeling, stroking, caressing; appraising, assay”
*maul n. “flour”
maur n. “gloom”
^maus n. and adj. “pleasure; pleasant taste, pleasant”
*mauth n. “grip, grasp, hold”
^mav- v. “to like”
^mavor n. “appetite”
^mavren adj. “delectable, delightful, desireable”
^mavros n. “desire, eager longing”
maw n. “hand”
^maw¹ n. “soil, stain”
*mawedh n. “glove”
*me pron. “we (exclusive)”
^mechor n. “gore”
*medhia- v. “to knead, soften”
*media- v. “to feed”
^medli n. “bear, (lit.) honey-eater”
^medlin adj. “*bear-like”
^medlivorn n. “blackbear”
medui adj. “end, final, last”
megil n. “sword, longsword”
megr adj. “sharp-pointed”
mein num. ord. “first”
*meiras n. “value, preciousness”
^meitha- v. “to aim at, *have as a goal”
^meithas n. “meaning”
mel- v. “to love”
melch adj. “greedy”
meldir n. “friend [m.]”
meldis n. “friend (f.)”
meleth n. “love”
^melethel n. “darling, sweetheart”
*melethor n. “lover”
melethril n. “lover (f.)”
melethron n. “lover (m.)”
*melillin n. “daffodil, (orig.) yellow song”
*melingarn adj. “orange, tawny”
mell adj. “dear, beloved”
mellon n. “friend”
melui adj. “lovely, sweet”
men- v. “to go”
men¹ pron. “us”
men² n. “road, *way”
meneg num. card. “thousand, *large in number”
menel n. “the heavens, firmament, region of the stars”
*mengui num. ord. “thousandth”
*menna- v. “to send, (lit.) make go”
*ment n. “message”
ment n. “point”
menwed ? “”
*mer- v. “to hope, wish, desire, want”
^meren adj. “festive, gay, joyous”
mereth n. “feast, festival”
*merifind adj. “Black-haired”
meril n. “rose”
merilin(n) n. “nightingale”
*mertha- v. “to gladden, make happy”
*meru adj. “valuable, worthy”
mesg adj. “wet”
meth adj. “last”
methed n. “end”
mi prep. “*in”
* adv. and prep. “(to the) inside; into”
^mib n. “(little) kiss, peck”
*mib- v. “to kiss”
mîdh n. “dew, *moisture, damp”
mîl n. “love, affection”
milbar n. “beloved dwelling, dear home”
*milu n. “greed”
milui adj. “friendly, loving, kind”
mín pron. “our”
*mîn n. “motion”
mîn n. “[thing] between; gap, space, barrier; anything intervening between two other things”
min¹ n. “peak”
min² num. card. “one”
^minai adj. “distinct, unique, single”
minas n. “tower, fort, city (with a citadel and central watch tower)”
mindon n. “tower, isolated hill (especially a hill with a watchtower)”
*mínem n. “movie, motion picture”
minib num. card. “eleven”
minlamad n. “?alliteration, (lit.) first-echoing”
minna- v. “to go in, enter”
minui num. ord. “first”
minuial n. “(dawn) twilight”
mîr n. “jewel, precious thing, treasure”
*mírad n. “treasury, hoard”
mírdan n. “jewel smith”
míria- v. “to sparkle like jewels”
mirian n. “Gondorian coin”
míriel adj. “sparkling like jewels, like a jewel”
^miru n. “wine”
miruvor n. “a special wine or cordial”
^mirwelthen n. “vintage, (lit.) *wine pressing”
^mirybin n. “grape, (lit.) wine-berry”
mist n. “error, wandering”
mista- v. “to stray about”
mistrad n. “straying, error”
mith adj. “grey, light grey, pale grey”
mithren adj. “grey”
mithril n. “Moria-silver, true-silver”
*mivan adv. “where, (lit.) in/at what”
mîw adj. “small, tiny, frail”
*mol- v. “to grind, pulverize”
molif n. “wrist, (lit.) hand-link”
^molnaes n. “molar”
*molor n. “mill”
môr n. and adj. “dark(ness), †black”
morchant n. “dark shape, shadow cast by light”
morgul n. “black arts, sorcery, necromancy”
morn adj. and n. “black, dark”
*mornechui n. “coffee”
moth n. “dusk”
^mothren adj. “dusk, dusky”
muda- v. “to labour, toil, *work”
*muia- v. “to whine, moan, whimper, caw, meow”
^muig¹ n. “cat”
^muig² adj. “soft, gentle”
muil n. and adj. “drear[iness]”
muin¹ adj. “dear”
muindor n. “brother”
muinthel n. “sister”
^muis n. “softness, tenderness, gentleness”
mûl n. “slave, thrall”
mund n. “bull”
mŷl n. “gull”
^mýtha- v. “to kiss, bill”
na- v. “to be”
na¹ prep. “to, towards, at”
^nab- v. “to take, lay hold of”
*nabant adv. “almost, (lit.) towards full”
^nabor v. “booty”
^nabos v. “seizure”
nad n. “thing”
nadha n. “fetter”
nadhor n. “pasture”
nadhras n. “pasture”
^nadren adj. “real; possible (in sense possible to exist or think of)”
nae interj. “alas”
*naeag n. “goat”
*naed adj. “true, real”
*naeda- v. “to oppress, cause great grief to”
naedh n. “wounding, wound”
naeg n. “pain”
^naegos n. “anguish”
^naegra- v. “to pain”
*naena- v. “to lament, wail for, make moan for”
naer adj. “dreadful, horrible, unendurable; lamentable”
naergon n. “woeful lament”
naes n. “tooth”
naeth n. “woe; biting, gnashing of teeth”
naew n. “jaw”
nag- v. “to bite; to chew, gnaw”
^nagnaes n. “incisor (tooth)”
nail num. ord. “third”
*nais n. “frost”
naith n. “spearhead, gore, wedge, narrow prominitory; angle”
nalla n. “call”
nalla- v. “to cry”
*naman adv. “how, (lit.) with what”
na(n) prep. “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with; by”
nana n. “mother (hypocoristic), *mommy”
^nanc n. “bite”
nan(d) n. “vale, valley, dale; wide grassland”
naneth n. “mother”
*nanu n. “truth”
*nanwen adj. “true”
nâr n. “rat”
nara- v. “to tell”
Narbeleth n. “October, Sun-fading, Sun-waning”
narch adj. “bitter-biting”
narcha- v. “to rend”
nardh n. “knot”
narn n. “tale, saga”
*narphen n. “character [of a story]”
nartha- v. “to kindle”
narthan n. “beacon”
naru adj. “[fiery] red”
Narwain n. “January, (lit.) *New Fire”
nass n. “point, (sharp) end; angle, corner”
^nast n. “being (abstract); being (creature)”
nasta- v. “to prick, point, stick, thrust”
nath n. “web”
natha- v. “to bring help to, save, rescue”
nathal n. “guest”
*nathla- v. “to welcome”
*nathol adj. “affable, kindly, welcoming”
*nathren adj. “acceptable, agreeable, welcome”
nathron n. “weaver, webster”
naub n. “thumb”
naud adj. “bound”
naug n. “dwarf; dwarf(ed), stunted”
naur n. “fire”
nauth n. “thought”
nautha- v. “to conceive”
*navan adv. “where, whither, to where, (lit.) at/to what”
naw n. “idea”
*naw interj. “yes”
naw adj. “hollow”
ne- pref. “in”
ned n. “*one more”
neder num. card. “nine”
*nederphaen num. card. “ninety”
nedh- pref. “mid-”
*nedhor n. “mid-day, noon”
^nedhu n. “bolster, cushion”
*nedhwad n. “lunch, (lit.) middle-meal”
nedia- v. “to count”
nedrui num. ord. “ninth”
nef prep. “hither, on this (the speaker’s) side of; †beyond [loose translation]; *near”
negen adj. “sharp, angular”
neitha- v. “to wrong, deprive”
neithan n. “one deprived, exile whose rights and goods have been confiscated”
nel- pref. “tri-”
nêl n. “tooth”
neldor n. “beech”
neledh num. card. “three”
neledh- v. “*to go in, enter”
neleg n. “tooth”
*nelio n. “buckwheat”
nell n. “bell”
nella- v. “to sound (of bells), *ring”
*nellad n. “sound of bells, ringing”
nelladel n. “ringing of bells”
*nelphaen num. card. “thirty”
nelthil n. “triangle”
nelui num. ord. “third”
*nem adj. “seeming, evident, probably but not necessarily so”
nem n. “nose”
*nemmas adj. “evidence”
nen n. “water; lake, pool; (lesser) river, stream”
^nend adj. “watery”
nenui adj. “wet”
*nepheg n. “mid-point, (lit.) mid-spot”
ness n. “headland”
nest n. “?heart, core”
nesta- v. “to heal”
nestad n. “healing”
nestag- v. “to insert, stick in”
neth n. “sister (diminutive); (little) girl”
neth adj. “young”
*nethan- v. “to inspire, kindle inside”
nethel n. “sister”
*nethia- v. “to entertain, (orig.) to make welcome”
*nethias v. “entertainment”
nethig n. “sister, girl (diminutive)”
*nev- adj. “to seem, appear”
*nevia- v. “to localize, bring close, translate (into your own language), translate (into another language when used with the dative case)”
^nevra- v. “to face, go forward”
*nevui adj. “nearly”
*ni pron. “I”
* adv. “once, at one time; was”
*nî- v. “was”
niben adj. “petty, *small”
*nibis n. “ice-flake, snowflake”
nîd adj. “damp, wet; tearful”
nidh n. “full vigorous purpose, exertion of will”
nidh- v. “to will”
nîdh n. “juice; honeycomb”
nídha- v. “to be determined to”
nîf n. “front, face”
niged n. “little finger”
^nigol n. “mouse, (lit.) small one”
^nigren adj. “stealthy, (orig.) mouse-like”
nim adj. “white”
nimdil n. “white horn”
*nimmas n. “whiteness”
nimmid(a)- v. “to whiten”
nimp¹ adj. “pale, pallid, white; wan, sickly”
nimp² adj. “small and frail”
nimras n. “white-horn”
nin pron. “me”
nín pron. “my”
nîn¹ adj. “wet”
nîn² n. “tear”
^nind adj. “slender”
ninglor n. “golden water-flower”
niniel adj. “tearful”
^ninna- v. “to weep, *cry (tears)”
ninniach n. “rainbow”
Nínui n. “February, *Watery”
niphred n. “pallor; fear”
niphredil n. “white flower (similar to a snowdrop); *(lit.) pale point”
nîr n. “weeping, grief, sorrow”
nirnaeth n. “tears, lamentation”
^nírol adj. “sad, sorrowing, *sorrowful”
nîth n. “youth”
nîth n. “sister”
^nítha-¹ v. “to snow, hail”
*nítha-² v. “to reduce, make small”
*níthannen v. “reduced, minor”
nithrad ? “”
^nîw n. “bee”
nobad n. “thumb and index finger as a pair, (lit.) *pickers”
nod- v. “to count”
nod-² v. “to tie, *bind”
^noden adj. “prone, face down”
noen adj. “wise, sensible”
Nogoth n. “[Greater] Dwarf”
nor- v. “to run (or leap) of animals or men; to roll [of vehicles]”
nordh adj. “cord”
norn adj. “twisted, knotted, crabbed, contorted”
^norna- v. “to complain of”
*nornad n. “complaint”
noroth n. “giant”
north n. “riding, race (of people running), charge or gallop”
northa- v. “to make run, *ride; to send rolling [as a vehicle], speed”
Nórui n. “June, *Fiery”
*norweg adj. “often running”
nos(s) n. “family, kindred, clan, house; race, tribe, people”
*nosta- v. “to smell”
*novaer interj. “goodbye, farewell, (lit.) be well”
-nt suf. “past of transitive verbs”
nu prep. “under”
nûd n. “bond”
^nui prep. and adv. “before (of time)”
^nuicha- v. “to take notice, perceive; *(orig.) to smell [something]”
*nuir n. “yesterday”
nuitha- v. “to stunt, prevent from coming to completion, stop short, not allow to continue”
^nunna- v. “to incline head, bend face down; to assent, *agree”
nûr¹ n. “race”
nûr² adj. “deep”
^nuru- v. “to growl, grumble”
^nŷw n. “noose, snare”
-o suf. “imperative”
o prep. “from, of”
prep. “about, concerning”
^och n. “egg”
odhril n. “parent (f.)”
odhron n. “parent”
^odlad n. “week”
odog num. card. “seven”
*odophaen num. card. “seventy”
oel adj. “cool”
oer adj. “nasty”
oew n. “an evil deed”
-og suf. “singular suffix”
*oglas n. “wickedness, *evil”
^ogod n. “knee”
Ogod n. “Ent”
ogol adj. “bad, evil, wrong; gloom(y)”
ogron n. “wicked or evil person”
-ol suf. “continuative [active] participle; adjective suffix”
ôl n. “dream”
*ol-¹ v. “to pour”
*ol-² v. “to become”
^olin n. “liquid”
oll n. “torrent, mountain-stream”
^olla- v. “to ooze, *trickle”
*olost adj. “drowsy, dreamy, lazy”
oltha- v. “to dream”
*olui adj. “dreamy”
*oman adv. “whence, from where, (lit.) from what”
-on¹ suf. “masculine suffix”
-on² suf. “augmentative suffix”
*oneth n. “giver”
ongol n. “stench”
onna- v. “to beget, make born”
onna- v. “?to beget, make born”
*onnad n. “birth”
onnen adj. “born”
Onod n. “Ent”
^ont adj. and adv. “no, none”
-or suf. “agental suffix”
or prep. “above; onto”
or- pref. “-day”
*ora- v. “to heat up”
Oraeron n. “Sea-day, *Thursday”
Oranor n. “(lit.) *Sun-day, Sunday”
Orbelain n. “*Day of the Valar, Friday”
orch n. “Orc, goblin”
orchal adj. “tall; superior, eminent, lofty”
^orchen n. “dandelion, (lit.) day-eye”
*orest n. “hour”
*oreth n. “hour”
^orf n. “apple”
Orgaladh n. “Day of the Tree, *Tuesday”
Orgaladhad n. “Day of the Two Trees, *Tuesday”
Orgilion n. “*Star-day, Saturday”
Orithil n. “*Moon-day, Monday”
Ormenel n. “*Heavens-day, Wednesday”
orn n. “(tall) tree”
^orna- v. “to blaze, burn”
orod n. “mountain”
orodben n. “mountaineer, one living in the mountains”
*oronnad n. “birthday”
oroth n. “rage, anger”
^orth adj. “upper”
ortha- v. “to raise”
orthad n. “raising”
orthannen adj. “raised”
orthel- v. “to roof, screen above”
orthelian n. “canopy”
orthor- v. “to master, conquer”
*orvedui n. “yesterday”
*orvel- v. “to favour, *(lit.) love above”
os prep. “*about”
os- pref. “about”
*osgaef n. “surroundings, environs, milieu”
osgar- v. “to cut round, amputate”
osp n. “smoke”
ost n. “fort, fortress, stronghold, citadel; (fortified) town, city; [orig.] enclosure”
^osta- v. “to surround with walls, build up, fortify, protect; to surround”
*ostol- v. “to circumnavigate, come around”
^ostor n. “enclosure, circuit of walls, *town wall”
-oth suf. “augmentative suffix”
oth- pref. “[wrong] with a bad sense; unsuitable, bad, improper, useless, wrong”
*othas n. “warfare”
*othestannen adj. “infamous, of evil name, (lit.) ill-named”
othgar(ed) n. “doing wrong, *wrong doing”
othgarn n. “misdeed, *sin”
*othidh n. “armistice”
^othlonn n. “paved way”
othol n. “stranger, guest”
*othovor adj. “too much, (lit.) abundant in a bad way”
^othra- v. “to get away, escape”
^othrad n. “street”
*othren adj. “strange, weird, odd”
*othrim n. “army”
*othrol n. “warlike”
othrond n. “underground stronghold, underground city, fortress”
othui num. ord. “seventh”
*othwen n. “amazon”
ovor adj. “abundant”
ovra- v. “to abound”
ovras n. “crowd, heap”
pad- v. “to step, walk”
pâd n. “a step (action); track, road; ford; way”
padra- v. “to walk”
pae num. card. “ten”
*paedolodh num. card. “eighteen”
*paegan num. card. “fourteen”
*paeleben num. card. “fifteen”
*paeneder num. card. “nineteen”
*paeneg num. card. “sixteen”
*paenel num. card. “thirteen”
*paenodog num. card. “seventeen”
paenui num. ord. “tenth”
paeth n. “speech”
^paetha- v. “to utter, speak, talk”
^paethad n. “oratory”
^paethron n. “orator”
^paich n. “juice, syrup, *sap”
palan adv. “afar, abroad, far and wide”
palan-díriel n. “far-gazer”
*palan-hinnen adj. “famous, *(lit.) widely-known”
palath¹ n. “surface”
palath² n. “iris”
^palt n. “wide flat leaf; page of book”
^pan n. “arrangement, settlement, *grouping”
^pan- v. “to arrange, order, settle; to set, put, place; to write a book”
pân adj. “all”
pân n. “plank, fixed board (especially in a floor)”
panas n. “floor”
^pand n. “courtyard”
pann¹ adj. “wide”
panna- v. “to open, enlarge”
*pannen adj. “arranged, settled, done”
pant adj. “full; (with article) the whole, all the”
^pant n. “money”
paran adj. “bare, naked; smooth, shaven”
parch adj. “dry”
parch adj. “naked (of persons)”
parf n. “book”
*parlas n. “parchment, document”
parth n. “field, enclosed grassland, sward, *meadow”
^partha- v. “to arrange, compose”
^past adj. “shaking”
^pasta- v. “to shake, wag, nod, flap”
path adj. “smooth”
*path- v. “to smooth”
*patha- v. “to reveal, show”
pathra- v. “to fill”
pathred n. “fullness”
^pathu n. “level space, sward”
paur n. “fist, (closed) hand”
^pavra- v. “to ail, *be ill”
paw n. “sickness, *illness, ailment”
*pe pron. “we (inclusive)”
*pech n. “nut”
*pechol n. “hazel”
ped- v. “to say, speak”
pedweg adj. “talkative, saying a lot”
peg n. “dot, small spot”
*pegof n. “squirrel”
pel- v. “to fade, wane”
pêl n. “fenced field”
peleth n. “waning, *fading”
pelia- v. “to spread”
^pell adj. “still, quiet, hushed”
pelthaes n. “pivot”
^pelu- v. “fence, enclose”
*pemp n. “lip”
*pen pron. “us (inclusive)”
pen- v. “to have not”
pen¹ prep. and pref. “without, lacking, -less”
pen² n. “one, somebody, anybody”
penbed adj. “not pronouncable”
*pen-channas adj. “stupid, idiotic, *(lit.) lack-wit”
pend n. and adj. “slope, steep incline, hill side, declivity; sloping (down), steeply inclined”
pendrath n. “passage up or down slope, stairway”
penedh n. “Elf”
peng n. “bow (for shooting)”
^pengas n. “archery”
pengolodh n. “teaching sage, doctor (of lore), *professor”
^pengron n. “archer”
penia- v. “to fix, set”
*pen-ind adj. “insane, heartless, crazy”
penna- v. “to come down (in a slant), fall”
pennas n. “history”
^pennig n. “coin”
^penninor n. “full year (last day of year), *new year’s eve”
pennod adj. “without count”
pennoediad adj. “innumerable”
pent n. “tale, story”
per- pref. “half”
Perian n. “Halfling, Hobbit”
perin adj. “half”
*perna- v. “to turn”
^pess¹ n. “saying, proverb”
*pess² n. “feather”
pessa- v. “to affect, concern”
pesseg n. “pillow”
*pesson n. “plume, feather”
peth n. “word”
*pethas n. “sentence, phrase”
pethron n. “speaker, reciter, narrator, minstrel”
*pi adv. “if”
^pibin n. “(small) berry, haw”
pichen adj. “juicy”
*píeg n. “mosquito”
pigen adj. “tiny”
*pil n. “robber, thief”
*pil- v. “to steal, rob, thieve”
*pilimbes n. “arrow feathering”
^pilin(d) n. “arrow, dart”
*pilinoth n. “arrow of war, arrow sent as a summons to war”
*pillor n. “bat (animal)”
*pilu n. “stealing, robbery, theft”
*pim n. “tail”
pîn adj. “little”
*pîn pron. “our (inclusive)”
pind n. “crest, ridge”
^pir- v. “to stir, stir round, make spin”
^pîr n. “cream”
*piren adj. “spun, rounded, cylindrical”
pirin n. “flower that opened and shut quickly with any change of light”
^piruin n. “spinning wheel”
*pista- v. “to suppose”
plad n. “palm, flat of the hand”
^plador n. “oar”
^plant adj. “candid, blunt (of words); †flat, open, expansive”
^poch n. “vagina”
pôd n. “animal’s foot”
poen n. “small gull, petrel”
^pog- v. “futuere, *to copulate, have sex”
*pôg n. “bag”
^pogron n. “fututor, *one who copulates”
*pol- v. “can, to be able to”
*polch n. “trunk, torso”
*poll n. “ram”
^polod n. “power, might, authority”
^polodren adj. “mighty, *powerful”
*poltha- v. “to (physically) enable”
porennin ? “”
^porog n. “fowl (domestic)”
post n. “pause, halt, rest, cessation, respite”
*posta- v. “to stop, cease, leave off”
*postad n. “stopping, cessation, leaving off”
^potha- v. “to tremble, quiver”
presta- v. “to affect, trouble, disturb”
prestannen adj. “affected (of vowels), mutated”
prestanneth n. “affection (of vowels), mutation”
puia- v. “to spit”
^puida- v. “to clean, tidy, cleanse”
*puidad n. “(act of) cleaning, cleansing”
*puidh n. “wash, cleaning”
puig adj. “clean, tidy, neat”
^puith n. “coitus, *sex”
^puitha- v. “*to have sex (with)”
*rach n. “danger”
*rachui adj. “dangerous”
râd n. “path, pass, track”
rada- v. “to make a way, find a way”
*radh- v. “to return (intransitive)”
*rae n. “smile”
^raeb adj. “scored, striped”
^raebroch n. “zebra”
raeda- v. “to catch in a net”
*raeda- v. “to smile”
raef n. “net”
^raeg adj. “wrong, awry, twisted, distorted, perverse, leering (of face)”
raen¹ adj. “netted, enlaced”
raen² adj. “smiling, gracious, sweet-faced”
^raeth¹ n. “extent, reach; region, sphere, district, scope”
^raeth² n. “breach, *burst”
^raetha- v. “to reach at, reach for; to reach, extend (intr.)”
^raew n. “fathom”
^rag- v. “to break asunder, burst, *break, shatter”
*ragui adj. “fragile, breakable”
rain n. “erratic wandering”
^rain¹ n. “border”
^rain² adj. “free, *unconstrained”
ram n. “wall”
rammas n. “great wall”
*ran- v. “to wander”
^ranc n. “arm”
^rand n. “cycle”
randir n. “wanderer, wandering man, pilgrim”
*randis n. “wanderer (f.)”
^ranoth n. “month”
rant n. “course, water-channel; lode, vein”
raph n. “?rope, strap”
*raph- v. “to snatch, seize, steal”
rasg n. “wain, *wagon, cart”
^rasg n. “horn”
rass n. “horn [of both animals and mountains]”
ras(t) n. “cape, shore”
rath n. “street; course, river-bed”
raud¹ adj. “noble, eminent; lofty, high, tall; excellent”
raud² n. “metal”
^raudh adj. “hollow, cavernous”
raug n. “demon, powerful hostile and terrible creature”
Raun n. “Moon”
^raun adj. “errant”
ravaed adj. “skillful”
^ravn n. “wing (horn), extended point at side”
raw n. “wing”
^raw¹ n. “bank (especially of a river)”
^raw² n. “lion”
^redh- v. “to sow”
^redhen adj. “related”
*redhia- v. “*to return (transitive)”
*redhor n. “farmer”
^rein n. “slot, spoor, track, footprint”
*reitha- v. “to rescue, save (from ruin, peril, loss)”
*reithron n. “rescuer, saviour”
^rem adj. “frequent, numerous”
rem n. “mesh, net (for catching)”
remmen adj. “entangled, meshed, netted, woven”
-ren suf. “adjective suffix”
*ren- v. “to remember”
^rend adj. “circular”
^renia-¹ v. “to stray, wander”
^renia-² v. “to fly, sail”
^renn n. “cousin (m.), relative”
*renna- v. “to remind”
*rennas n. “kinship, relation”
^ress n. “cousin (f.), relative”
rest n. “cut”
reth n. “*climber”
reth- v. “to remain in same place”
rewinion n. “of the hunters”
rhach n. “curse”
rhaed n. “peculiar hue, (special) fashion”
^rhaen adj. “crooked”
rhanc adj. “awkward, hard”
rhass n. “precipice”
rhaw¹ adj. “wild, untamed”
rhaw² n. “flesh”
^rhib- v. “to scratch”
^rhîf n. “brink, brim”
^rhimp n. “stalk”
rhîw n. “winter”
*rhofelf n. “body-feeling, [physical] sensation”
rhond n. “body”
rhosc adj. “russet, brown”
rhovan n. “wilderness; wild beast”
rhu- pref. “evil-”
rhû¹ n. and adj. “evil, wicked”
rhû² n. “matter”
rhudol adj. and n. “unwelcome, coming with evil omen or intent”
rhufen adj. “east”
rhugar n. “evil deed, *sin”
rhugarol adj. “wicked, doing evil”
*rhugaron n. “sinner”
rhûn n. “east, eastern; †rising”
rhúnen adj. “eastern”
n. “wreath, garland; crown”
rían n. “queen, *(lit.) crowned-lady”
^rib n. “stripe, line”
^rib- v. “to flow like a (?torrent)”
^ribin adj. “striped, edged”
rîdh n. “sown field, acre”
*rídhas n. “the country, countryside, farmland”
*rídhathren adj. “rustic, rural”
-riel suf. “crowned maiden”
rîf n. “bark”
*rig- v. “to try, strive”
-(r)il suf. “feminine suffix”
-rim suf. “collective or group plural”
rim n. “host, great number, people (of one kind or origin), crowd”
^rim n. “cold pool or lake (in mountains)”
^rimp n. “shred, slice, sliver”
^rin- v. “to revolve”
rîn n. “remembrance”
^rîn adj. “crowned”
^rinc n. “twitch, jerk, sudden move”
^rind n. “circle”
ring adj. “cold, chill, cool”
^ringorn n. “circle”
riss adj. and n. “cleft, cloven, separate; cleft”
^rista- v. “to cut; to rend, rip”
*ristannen adj. “cut”
*rîth n. “effort, endeavour”
^rítha-¹ v. “to jerk, twitch, snatch; to contort, twist, confuse, disarrange, upset”
ro- pref. “*superlative”
roch n. “horse”
rochben n. “rider”
rochir n. “knight, horse-lord”
^rod n. “tube, stem, *pipe”
rodel n. “lady, high lady”
^rodol n. “little pipe (especially musical)”
Rodon n. “Vala”
Rodyn n. “alternate name of the last day of the Eldarin six-day week”
*rogol n. “saddle”
rom n. “horn, trumpet”
^romru n. “sound of horns”
-(r)on suf. “agental suffix”
rond n. “(vaulted or arched) roof; vaulted chamber or cavern; heavens [as a roof of the world]”
*rong adv. “soon”
*ronga- v. “to hasten”
*rontha- adj. “to polish, burnish”
ross¹ n. “rain; foam, spindrift, spray”
ross² adj. “red-haired, copper-coloured”
rost adj. “rainy”
rosta- v. “to hollow out, excavate”
*rostor n. “rainforest”
*rothron n. “polisher”
^rov- v. “to tear”
rovaed adj. “*most shapely”
roval adj. and n. “winged; pinion, great wing (of an eagle)”
^ n. “loud sound, trumpet-sound”
rûdh n. “bald”
^rui n. “hunt, hunting, *chase”
*ruida- v. “to pursue, chase”
ruin n. and adj. “red flame; fiery red”
ruist n. “fireplace, hearth”
*run- v. “to rub, grind”
*rûn adj. “polished, burnished, smoothed by polishing”
rusc n. “fox”
rust n. “copper”
*rustren adj. “like copper”
rustui adj. “copper”
rûth n. “wrath, anger”
ruthra- v. “to rage”
*rúthui adj. “angry, wrathful”
^rŷn n. “chaser, hound of chase”
*sa¹ pron. “that”
*sa² prep. and adv. “beside, along side, next (to)”
*sab- v. “to dig, delve, excavate”
sabar n. “delving”
sad n. “place, spot”
sâdh n. “sward, turf”
sador adj. “steadfast, trusty, loyal”
sadron n. “trusty follower, loyal companion”
^saeb adj. “hungry”
*saeda- v. “to teach, *train, (lit.) make wise”
^saeg n. “hunger”
*saegon n. “famine, (great) hunger”
sael adj. “wise”
*saelor n. “advisor”
saer adj. “bitter”
*saerlif n. “urine”
^saetha- v. “to have hunger”
*sai pron. “those”
said adj. “private, separate, not common, excluded”
^sain adj. “new”
salab n. “herb”
^salch n. “green cut grass, ensilage, *fodder”
^salcha- v. “to scythe or mow”
^salph n. “broth”
sam n. “chamber”
sammar n. “*neighbor”
^samp n. “spade, shovel”
san pron. “that”
sant n. “garden, field, yard”
sarch n. “grave”
sarn n. and adj. “(small) stone, pebble; stony (place), *with many stones”
sarnas n. “cairn”
*sasta- v. “to put, place”
*sath n. “part”
*saun n. “bath”
saur adj. “bad (of food), putrid”
sautha- v. “to drain”
*sav- v. “to believe in, accept as fact”
sav- v. “to have”
saw n. “filth, putrescence”
saw n. “juice”
^saw- v. “to wash, bathe”
*se pron. “this”
*sedh- v. “to rest”
seidia- v. “to set aside, appropriate to a special purpose or owner”
*sein adj. “usual”
sell n. “daughter; †girl, maid”
sen pron. “this”
*senc adj. “mineral-like, flinty”
send n. “?rest”
sennas n. “guesthouse”
sennui adv. “?rather, instead”
sereg n. “blood”
seregon n. “plant with red flowers, (lit.) blood of stone”
serni n. “shingle, pebble bank”
seron n. “lover”
*sesta- v. “to set, (lit.) to make rest (on)”
adv. “here, in this place (of speaker)”
^sibra- v. “to whimper”
sîdh n. “peace”
*sídheb adj. “peaceful, full of peace”
sigil n. “necklace”
sigil n. “dagger, knife”
síla- v. “*to shine”
silef n. and adj. “(white) crystal; silver, shining white”
silif n. “light of Silpion, †silver”
silith n. “silver light, starlight, *moonlight”
silivren adj. “(white) glittering”
*sin pron. “these”
^sinc n. “mineral, flint”
^sing n. “salt”
^singren adj. “salt, *salty”
siniath n. “news, tidings”
sinnarn n. “novel tale”
*sinnen adj. “known”
sír n. “*today, this day”
sîr n. “river, stream”
siria- v. “to flow”
^siriol adj. “flowing, fluent, liquid, melliflous”
sirith n. “flowing”
^sirph n. “straw”
sog- v. “to drink”
*sogannen adj. “drunk”
solch n. “root (especially as edible)”
*solph n. “soup”
*somma- v. “to dive, duck”
*sommor n. “duck, waterfowl”
^ n. “noise of wind”
^súda- v. “to blow (of wind)”
sui prep. “*as”
suila- v. “to greet”
suilad n. “greeting”
suilanna- v. “to greet, *give greeting”
^suith n. “draught, drink”
^suitha- v. “to give to drink, quench”
^suithlas n. “tea, *(lit.) drink of leaf”
sûl n. “goblet”
sûl n. “wind”
*tab- v. “to stop, block, close”
tachol n. “brooch, clasp, pin”
tâd num. card. “two”
tad-dal adj. “two-legged, *biped”
^tadhos n. “hawthorn”
tadui num. ord. “second”
taeg n. “boundary, limit, boundary line”
taen¹ n. “height, summit of high mountain”
taen² adj. “long (and thin)”
taer adj. “lofty, *high”
taer adj. “straight”
taes n. “nail”
taetha- v. “to fasten, tie”
taew n. “holder, socket, hasp, clasp, staple”
^tag- v. “to fix, make firm, construct”
tagol n. “post, mark”
taid adj. “supporting, second in command”
*taig adj. “marking (a boundary)”
taith n. “sign, symbol; mark, stroke”
tâl n. “foot; [lower] end”
talad n. “incline, slope”
talaf n. “ground, floor”
^talagan n. “harper”
talan n. “flet, flat space, platform (in a tree)”
talath n. “flat lands, plain”
*talathren adj. “vale like, of the vale”
talf n. “wang, flat field, topographical flat area”
*talif n. “ankle”
*tallam n. “conlang”
*tallen adj. “playful, fun(ny)”
talraph n. “stirrup”
talt adj. “slipping, falling, insecure”
*taltha- v. “to slip (down), collapse, fall in ruin”
*talvad n. “footpath”
*talven n. “table”
tamma- v. “to knock”
^tammos n. “cauldron”
tân n. “builder, smith, wright, artificer”
*tana- v. “to show, indicate, point out”
tanc adj. “firm; steady, steadfast; settled”
tang n. “bowstring”
tangad(a)- v. “to make firm, confirm, establish, fix”
*taphaen num. card. “twenty”
*tar- v. “to stand”
tara adj. “tough, stiff”
tarag n. “horn; steep mountain peak”
tarch adj. “stiff, rough (or tough)”
^tarchas n. “roughness, ruggedness, rudeness”
tarias n. “stiffness, toughness, difficulty”
tarlang adj. and n. “proud, obstinate, (lit.) stiff-necked; stiff neck (a nickname applied to men of haughty carriage or mood)”
^tarph adj. “dry [esp. of foods], stale”
^taru n. “cross, *crucifix”
tas n. “index finger”
tass n. “labour, task”
^tast n. “border, fringe”
*tasta- v. “to (put to the) test, *verify”
*tastaith n. “test”
tathar n. “willow (tree)”
tathren adj. “of willow”
^taudh n. “paddock”
taug adj. “firm, strong, (?withstand)”
*taugla- v. “to resist”
taur n. “forest, wood, great wood, dense wood”
taur² adj. “vast, mighty, overwhelming, awful, huge; high, sublime”
taur³ n. “king (of a whole tribe)”
tauron n. “forester”
taus n. “thatch”
tavn n. “a thing made by handicraft”
*tavnen¹ adj. “made (by craft of hand), wrought, fashioned”
*tavnen² adj. “blocked, stopped, closed”
tavor n. “woodpecker, knocker”
taw adj. “of wool, woollen”
taw¹ n. “wood as material”
taw² adv. “thither”
tawen adj. “wood (of material), ?wooden (of make)”
n. “line, way”
^techu n. “chip”
tegil n. “pen”
teitha- v. “to write, draw, inscribe, make marks or signs”
*tel- v. “to end, finish, be done”
telch n. “stem”
tele n. “end, rear, hindmost part”
*teleg n. “leg”
teleir adj. “*Telerin”
*telf n. “conclusion, ending, anything used to finish off a work or affair”
telia- v. “to play”
*telias n. “play, game, sport, mirth”
telien n. “sport, play, game”
tellen n. “sole of foot”
^telt n. “lid”
telu n. “dome, high roof”
*telum n. “mushroom”
telwen ? “”
ten pron. “*it, passive voice marker”
^tertha- v. “to destroy, *ruin, †(orig.) to make pierced”
^terthaith n. “waste, ruin, destruction”
tess n. “fine pierced hole”
*tev- v. “to detest, hate”
*tevas n. “hatred”
*tevren adj. “hateful”
têw n. “letter”
-th suf. “abstract noun”
*thaes n. “attraction, temptation”
*thag- v. “to draw, pull”
*thagel adj. “pulling, luring”
*thain¹ adj. “law-abiding, regular, normal, *lawful, formal, according to custom”
thala adj. “stalwart, steady, firm, hardy, valiant, bold”
^thalas n. “valour, courage”
*thalieth n. “heroine, dauntless woman”
thalion adj. and n. “strong, dauntless; hero, dauntless man”
^thall adj. “steep, falling steeply (of river)”
^thalos n. “torrent”
tham n. “hall, chamber, room”
thamas n. “great hall”
thanc adj. and n. “forked, cleft, split, divided, cloven, bifurcated; cleft, break, breach”
^thand adj. “firm, true, abiding”
thand n. “shield”
thang n. “oppression, pressure; compulsion, duress, need”
thangail n. “shield-fence, shield-wall”
thar prep. and pref. “across, athwart, over”
^thar- v. “to saw (up)”
thâr n. “stiff grass”
tharan adj. “vigorous”
tharas n. “hassock, footstool”
*tharchol- v. “to translate, (lit.) carry-across”
^thardh n. “table”
^tharf n. “saw”
tharn adj. “sapless, stiff, rigid, withered”
thaur adj. “abominable, horrible”
^thavn n. “post, wooden pillar”
thavron n. “carpenter, wright, builder”
thaw adj. “corrupt, rotten”
*theinas adj. “law, rule”
*theinweg n. “lawman, lawyer”
thel- v. “to intend, mean, purpose, resolve, will”
thêl n. “sister”
thela n. “point (of spear)”
*thennas n. “shortness”
thent adj. “short”
*ther- v. “to sew, stitch, embroider”
^theres n. “ribbon”
theria- v. “to be vigorous, flourish”
*theriol adj. “flourishing”
thia- v. “to appear, seem”
^thibin n. “flute”
^thibinor n. “piper”
thilia- v. “to glisten”
thilim adj. “gleaming”
^thimma- v. “to play a flute or whistle”
^thimp n. “the stop on a flute”
thîn n. “evening”
thind adj. “grey, pale”
*thindrostir n. “badger”
thinna- v. “to fade, *(lit.) become grey”
thîr n. “face, look, expression, countenance”
^thisin adj. “parched, withered”
^thista- v. “to dry up (tr.)”
^thivol n. “whistle, piccolo”
tho- v. “?to become”
thôl n. “helmet, helm”
thôn n. “pine-tree”
thond n. “root, base”
thoniel adj. “kindler (in the past)”
thonnas n. “root-word; *foundation”
thôr¹ adj. “swooping, leaping down”
thora- v. “to fence”
thoren adj. “*fenced”
thorn¹ adj. “steadfast”
*thornang n. “steel”
thórod n. “torrent”
*thorombar n. “eagle’s nest, eyrie”
thoron n. “eagle”
thoss n. “fear”
*thossui adj. “fearful, afraid”
thost n. “smell”
thosta- v. “to stink, *give off a smell”
*thostol adj. “stinking”
^thriben adj. “lean”
thû n. “stench; black mist, horrible darkness”
^thûg n. “resin”
thuia- v. “to breathe”
^thuith n. “resinous juice; any adhesive substance”
thûl n. “breath”
thurin adj. “secret, hidden”
ti pron. “*they”
n. “line, row”
^tîf n. “resentment, ill-feeling, bitterness”
tilias n. “?mountain range”
till n. “point, spike, (sharp) horn, tine, ending”
^timma- v. “to ring, jingle, tinkle”
^timp n. “hoot, note of a flute”
*tin pron. “them”
tîn¹ n. “spark, sparkle, twinkle of stars”
tîn² pron. “his”
tinc n. “metal”
*tinchen adj. “metallic”
*tinithas n. “group of stars, star-cluster, constellation”
tinna- v. “to glint”
tinnu n. “(starry) twilight, dusk, early night (without moon)”
^tinthiltha- v. “to twinkle, *sparkle”
*tinthilthad n. “sparkling, twinkling, scintillation”
^tiph- v. “to whistle”
^tiphin n. “small flute”
tir- v. “to look (towards), watch (over), guard”
tîr adj. “straight, right; upright, honest; esteem, regard, honour”
tíra- v. “to see”
*tírad n. “vision, seeing”
tiria- v. “to watch, gaze; to ward, guard”
tirion n. “tower”
tirith n. “watching, guarding, watch, ward, guard”
tirnen adj. “guarded”
tirnen adj. “guarded”
^tisg adj. “ticklish”
^tith n. “breast, teat”
tithen adj. “little, tiny”
tiwdi n. “alphabet”
^ n. “wool, fleece”
toba- v. “to cover, roof over”
tobas n. “roofing, roof”
^tobla- v. “to hide”
tog- v. “to bring”
tol- v. “to come”
^tolcha- v. “to support, *steady, comfort”
*toled n. “coming, arrival”
toleg n. “*sticker-up”
tol(l) n. “island, (high steep-sided) isle”
tollui num. ord. “eighth”
tolodh num. card. “eight”
tolog adj. “stalwart, trusty”
*tolophaen num. card. “eighty”
*tolph n. “bowl, basin”
*tolpheg n. “spoon”
toltha- v. “to fetch”
*tomp adj. “humped, bulging”
^tond adj. “tall”
tong adj. “taut, tight; resonant (of strings)”
*tor- v. “to win, have victory”
tôr n. “brother”
*torchal n. “shark or other large predatory fish”
torech n. “(secret) hole, lair, excavation”
torn¹ n. “burial mound”
torn² adj. “hidden, secret”
Torog n. “Troll”
tortha- v. “to wield, control”
toss n. “bush, low-growing tree”
*tosta- v. “to cough”
^tovn adj. “lowlying, deep, low”
*trannail n. “regional, local”
trasta- v. “to harass, trouble”
*trastadweg adj. “annoying”
tre- pref. “through”
trenar- v. “to recount, tell to the end”
trenarn n. “account, tale”
trevad- v. “to traverse”
trî prep. “through”
trîw adj. “fine, very slender”
^trog adj. “easy to handle; convenient, tractable, docile”
trunc n. “great stake”
n. “muscle, sinew; vigour, physical strength”
tûg adj. “thick, fat”
*túgom adj. “fat-bellied”
*túgomui adj. “corpulent, (lit.) having a fat belly”
tui n. “sprout, bud”
tuia- v. “to sprout, spring; to swell”
^tuig n. “shoot, sapling”
^tuilas n. “petal, *(lit.) bud-leaf”
tuilinn n. “swallow, (lit.) spring-singer”
*tuilu- v. “to bud, open (of flowers and leaves)”
^tuim n. “steam”
*túliel adj. “come, arrived”
tulu n. “support, prop”
tulus n. “poplar-tree”
tum n. “(deep) valley”
tump n. “hump”
^tump n. “shed”
^tunc n. “chance, occurrence”
^tund¹ n. “hill, mound”
^tund² n. “log for the fire, *firewood, fuel”
tûr n. “mastery, victory, power”
*tustur n. “tinder”
*tustureg n. “match”
*tŷg n. “thigh”
-u suf. “a person or being”
ú- pref. “no, not, negative; impossible”
û adv. and interj. “no, not, nor”
úan n. “monster”
uanui adj. “monstrous”
ubed n. “denial”
úbedui adj. “not fit to say, unspeakable”
*úben n. “nobody, no one”
*úgan(n) adj. “gutless, faint-hearted, diffident”
úgarol adj. “not now doing or making, idling”
úgarth n. “trespass, (lit.) *misdeed”
-ui suf. “-ful, having quality, adjective suffix; possibility, suitability [as verbal suffix], *-able”
ui adv. “ever”
ui- pref. “twi-”
ui² n. “envelope”
uial n. “twilight, evendim”
uil n. “seaweed”
uilos n. “flowers like ‘white stars’”
uir adj. “*fiery”
uir n. “eternity”
uireb adj. “eternal”
*uitha- v. “to smoke (trans.)”
ul- pref. “*ugly”
ûl n. “odour, *smell, scent”
úlan(n) adj. “narrow, (lit.) not broad”
*úlren adj. “odorous”
uluithiad adj. “unquenchable”
^ulunn n. “monster, deformed and hideous creature”
ûn¹ n. “creature”
ungol n. “spider”
*únod- v. “to untie, undo, unloose”
únodui adj. “countless”
^unt n. “nothing”
ûr n. “fire”
*urnui adj. “inflammable; touchy, irritable”
^uru n. “brazier, grate”
urug (urcu-) n. “bogey”
Urui n. “August, *Hot-one”
úthaes n. “inducement to do wrong, *temptation”
*úthúlui adj. “breathless”
^uthwen n. “escape, way out, exit”
úvelui adj. “not amiable, unloveable”
*uwedhen adj. “outlaw, outcast”
*uwedhron n. “outlaw, outcast”
-we suf. “person, being, individual; masculine suffix”
-weg² suf. “active in doing”
-wen n. “maiden, *female suffix”
^ýda- v. “to hint; *to wink”
^ŷl n. “lamb”
ylf n. “drinking-vessel”
*ylvon n. “chalice”
ýneg num. card. “twelve”